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    “EMUNAH” by Sang Hyoun Han

    A finalist at the 2018 Student Academy Awards, “EMUNAH” is an intense full-CG film about the dystopian results of creating a supreme artificial intelligence – directed and scored by Sang Hyoun Han (aka DOMCAKE) at SVA. [Read more]


Directors Carl Zitelmann and Natasha Rand have signed on with Passion Pictures in London. Venezuela-born Zitelmann graduated in 2006 from the National Film and Television School in the UK and was hired on the strength of his CG filmTemerario. Rand, specializing  in broadcast and motion design, arrives at Passion via gigs with Garner Maclennan Design […] [Read more]


The Orphanage take a break from their feature film projects for a series of fun spots for Comcast high speed. The vfx in all the spots are totally solid but this is my fave because the woman’s performance is so f…ing dead on. Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Production: The Directors Bureau Director: Mike Maguire […] [Read more]

Hello Madonna. Hello Logan.

Logan’s done a new video for Madonna. Hyper-70s sci-fi landscape and underwater creatures in a super-smooth seamless animation…   [Read more]


Who’s home at 11 on a Friday in Canada? Fans ofThe Wedge apparently –  the music vid show has aired on MuchMusic for the last 13 years. According to the Much site: "Nowhere else can you get an hour of the most unique, strange and thoughtful music videos from bands who actually have something to […] [Read more]


Smooth and understated vfx driven by one-take performances by Jay-Z and Shaun White. Classy, mildly mezmerizing spots from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Bob Industries’ directors Dayton/Faris and Motion Theory. [Read more]


Kyle Cooper wants you to move to Malibu. Prologue is looking for: – Shake Artist/Compositor/Conforming Editor – AfterEffects Animator/Designer – AfterEffects Compositor – Maya Animator/Generalist – Maya Effects Artist Watch the Prologue reel.  Get full details on how to apply in the JOBS FEED [Read more]


Toronto motion design company Crush has lured Yoho Yue away from his sr designer gig at Canadian kids’ channel YTV.  Yue had previously run his own ad agency in Guangzhou, China. Check out Yue’s totally-kooky and irony-free YTV reel. [Read more]

Commodore 64 redux

So I loved my Commodore 64 and my 1st-generation Atari intensely. They were great. Until my mom sold them for 50 cents at a yard sale in 1988. And by the way, Pit Fall does not have an ending. There will always be more alligators and more logs to jump over until the end of […] [Read more]