Small Carrot

Awesome New site for Motion work….whats so cool is that you can download all the content optimized for portable device. Like: PSP, iPod & Phone. Nice!! [Read more]

PSST 2.0 Start-up

Teams have been organized for the second round of the collaborative Psst! Pass It On… project. Over 40 individual artists will be combining forces to realize their own creative vision in a non-commercial, non-competive, and collaborative process. Participants for this round include previous PSST’ers, new studio teams, new international teams, and new individual artists. The […] [Read more]


Freestyle Collective has some fun contributing this spot (updated version) to the on-going vox pop JetBlue campaign apparently based on real stories from real customers. [Read more]


Understated and elegant are two words that fit well in a sentence with the name Imaginary Forces and with the studio’s new work for the main titles for "The Price of Security" segment of the new "Koppel on Discovery" series. IF will be designing the opens for the six-eight documentaries in the series over the […] [Read more]


There were lots of great films at Ottawa this year but I think this opening/intro piece from Global Mechanic that ran before the screenings deserves special mention. It’s a mad multi-media mash-up of techniques and styles where all the mediums are very well done. Way too much detail for a single viewing. Watch out for […] [Read more]


I’m a big fan of the attitude and power Blur brings to their work and Fox Sports has been pounding their ambitious broadcast work out of the park over the last year so pairing them for the "NFL on Fox" promises great things. Blur principals Tim and Jennifer Miller team up to co-CD this open […] [Read more]


Actop send word they have a new site and showreel up. Some solid and quirky work there but don’t miss the Graphics portfolio and their Live work as well. [Read more]

Vinyl Love

The industry’s leading design and motion graphics studios will soon unveil their custom vinyl creations at Graphic Contents, a gallery exhibition and custom Qee show.  The exhibit will feature the work of thirty-three top companies including, Shilo, Brand New School, Logan, CA Square, Motion Theory, Click 3X, MK12,  and Exopolis, among others. Each will have […] [Read more]