• Korb Constructs the LeBron 17 for Nike

    Working direct with Nike Brand Design, Rimantas Lukavicius and his Korb studio in Vilnius, Lithuania, construct a pristine robot fantasy around the company’s latest addition to the LeBron line of footwear. [Read more]


Wieden & Kennedy’s latest campaign for Orange in Romania gets a comic boost with this character piece from Nexus stars Smith & Foulkes, “Our last commercial had a cast of thousands [watch it here] so it was fun to work on a very simple set up with just the 2 characters to drive the comedy. […] [Read more]

Aqualtis by BUF

Beautiful piece. Commercial for..a washing machine.Via Motionographer. http://www.buf.fr/WORK/popup.php?kind=movie&id=759  [Read more]


Just as I was resigning myself to a slow news day, in comes an email from Marco Spier at Psyop: Stephen, This might be something for your feed website…. Something we have worked on for quite a while, but nobody really knows about it. It’s actually kind of sick. http://www.psyopswag.com/p.php [Read more]


Norwegian design and animation studio Bug captures the rampant frustration most of us feel with current home communications systems in these two recent spots for OneCall. Probably not a concept TimeWarner would sign off on. Watch Lemmings 1 Watch Lemmings 2 Complete info here. [Read more]

Anthony Hurd

Anthony Hurd has some great static work and a wicked little reel going on! [Read more]


Giant Steps is the elegant graduation project from Michal Levy of the Visual Communication Department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. The short film is based on the 1959 John Coltrane album Giant Steps, the title track of which is generally considered to have the most complex and difficult chord progression of […] [Read more]

Gondry and Beck: Cellphone’s Dead

Here’s a Non-YouTubed (aka pre-masticated) QT of Michel Gondry’s new Beck video. Produced through Partizan with post via Fly Studio. Lots more info including Gondry’s original written treatment here. [Read more]

Dhanank Pambayun

Just as I was lamenting how most illustration and motion design was starting to meld into one amorphous blob, along comes Dhanank Pambayun and pokes me in the eye with a sharp stick. He’s an Indonesian motion and graphic artist and I can confidently say a trip through his Tragiklab is well worth your time. [Read more]