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    Learning Corp “One Word” by Lightfarm

    A toddler’s peaceful morning nap quickly descends into an action/nightmare of epic proportions in this brand film animated by Lightfarm thru Area 23 for a Learning Corp app designed to assist trauma patients with brain injuries. [Read more]


Here’s a nicely staged and well-shot brand new video for Panic At the Disco that makes you wonder how they did that. The walls of the shoulder-mounted aquarium tanks are double-paned which keeps the talent dry and the fish wet but the trick left tell tale edges in the water that shattered the illusion. Using […] [Read more]


Tim Dillon is the founder and CD of On Screen Creative in London doing jobs for clients like Zero 7 and Tiger Beer. Oscar is a personal work with a low key kind of charm that feels about right here at the tail end of a holiday long weekend (with summer edging relentlessly from my […] [Read more]

Artwork from Normal Natural

Lance Sells, the brains behind design studio Motherland also keeps an ongoing art archive of his solo work at Normal Natural.  Really interesting paintings, sketches, video, etc. that show insight into the brilliance of his commercial work. [Read more]


You may have heard about New Yorker Scott Bateman and his quest to do an animated short every day for a year. Well, here are the greatest hits and even with the minimal animation this "What’s Up With Borscht?" clip (from day 269) is frigging hilarious. [Read more]


I’ve watched this new California Coastal Commission spot a couple of times now, and it just keeps getting more disturbing with each viewing. The great look (way to go Stardust), the bang on message, and the eerie sound design makes this one a true skin-crawler. There’s just something insanely off putting about mixing innocence, putrescence, […] [Read more]

LO IACONO AND Diesel Creative

This piece called "Diesel Denim Dimension" was produced by Barcelona freelancer Lo Iacono and the Diesel Creative Team as part of the retailer’s Fall/Winter 2006 collection. It was built from 19 images shot for the denim print campaign and will roll out as a video-installation in Diesel flagship-stores worldwide and on www.diesel.com. It all works […] [Read more]

all the hoopla about CP+B

Crispin Porter + Bogusky are the subject of Warren Berger’s new tome called "Hoopla" due in September. The veteran journalist tracked and reported on the CP+B rise to phenom status over the past decade and according to the book’s hype "fully examines and deconstructs the methods that lie behind the agency’s seeming madness. The result […] [Read more]

new monkmus for psp

It’s totally unclear to me how this lint ball actually plays with his PSP but I like his can-do attitude and Cheech-like VO as he takes his gaming evangelism outside into live action territory. Directed by Monkmus through Hornet for TBWA\Chiat\Day.   [Read more]