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Stephan Gruber – I don’t know much about him, or even how navigate myself around his website but his short film "Big Gulp" is mesmerizing. Anyone know anything more about this film or Gruber? It has that good ‘ol vintage NFB feel to it, but I know it’s not. As a Canadian, I suspect we’re […] [Read more]


Singer Geremy Jasper of NYC’s The Fever goes the analogue DIY route with this video from the band’s new City of Sleep release. Using the animation stand once used to do the original Sesame Street interstitials, Jasper made all the animation by hand using paper cut outs. It’s a twisted little tale, kind of a […] [Read more]

Rushes Soho Shorts Festival

This is the eighth year Rushes has put on their non-profit shorts fest in London. They received over 1200 entries and the shortlisted films are stellar. If you’re in town for any reason from this Saturday to the 4th of August drop into some of the 140 free screenings spread around the cinemas, bars, cafes […] [Read more]

Apple Profiles 2×4

Apple looks at 2×4 Inc.  They use Macs.     [Read more]


Aardman apply their Creature Comforts vox pop technique and singular knack for charming characters to this exploration of eathly fame as seen through the eye/eyes of CG aliens. This clip is only a part of the mammoth hemispheric film projected onto the planetarium dome of Madame Tussauds in London which required the stiching together of […] [Read more]


Looks like an interesting gallery show this Friday at the Trelick-Eight Studios in West London. It’s a showcase of work from new graphic design studio Bite and Sting as well as their collaborations with other artists on a range of projects including jewelry, graffiti, music, architecture and fashion. [Read more]

Upcoming Quay Brothers Film

The Quay Brothers / Zeitgeist films are set to release “The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes” later this year. [Read more]

Feed Newsletter

Hey everyone! We have made a Newsletter for Feed that you can find here (http://visitor.constantcontact.com/email.jsp?m=1011343788208). Sign up for some cool stuff like the best Feed articles, updates and special promotional codes. We actually will be shooting out a 10% off code for FITC later in the month so check it out. [Read more]