Animex audience choice awards

Can’t say I agree with the audience choice (Francisco Alvarez, from Sheridan College, Oakville, Canada for ‘La Balada Del Carupanero Timido’) but there is some fine viewing to be had among the 43 nominated entries on the Animex site. My hands-down personal fave is "The Building" (Marco Nguyen, Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Oliver Staphylas, Remi […] [Read more]


South Africa’s ruling cool kids of mograph keep the paint drips to a minimum and add some 3D tricks to a well-worn technique in this new spot for a charity soccer tournament. [Read more]

Not sure how I missed this great time-waster site. Nicely designed and executed yet silly and sophomoric at the same time. And Vangelis is on the jukebox. Seriously. [Read more]


Super useful, totally easy (and completely free) application for Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X that lets you send massive video files via email without compressing or transcoding them.   [Read more]


The Psst! Pass it On project was conceived and curated by Bran Dougherty-Johnson of Grow Design Work. Inspired by the Surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse and the children’s pastime Telephone, these six minute-long films were created by an incredible list of video and audio artists from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Berlin working sequentially […] [Read more]

Cesar Pesquera

Here’s a refreshing new reel from a very busy guy. Cesar Pesquera is a director, graphic designer and artist based in Spain. He co-founded design/prodco Actop, is art director of Ruga®Magazine and associate director of Rojo®Magazine and recently finished his first experimental short film Passer/8. [Read more]

Mike Brodie

In the spirit of Independence Day here is the online porftolio of the frustratingly still unknown photographer Mike Brodie. Most of his subjects are rural artists, abandoned building squatters, boxcar riders, and "other" Americans.   [Read more]


This little opus from the Hamburg studio of Optix Digital was posted here a while back for a few hours but had to be removed for reasons we are not at liberty to discuss – although I can proudly say it was not because of the inter-species shagging. Bionade is actually an all-natural "non-alcoholic refreshment […] [Read more]