new monkmus for psp

It’s totally unclear to me how this lint ball actually plays with his PSP but I like his can-do attitude and Cheech-like VO as he takes his gaming evangelism outside into live action territory. Directed by Monkmus through Hornet for TBWA\Chiat\Day.   [Read more]


So with my morning tea and toast today, I entertained myself with the new Everyman "Cock-A-Doodle" site. If you feel a bit "pervy" doodling out some tackle, just remember it’s for a good cause. Here’s a bit more of an official take on the site: In the quest to make men more aware of their […] [Read more]


TRESALCUBO is a Latinamerican animation and visual effects company. Based in Buenos Aires City , is an inspiring creative place, integrated by a staff of talented artists and professionals, focused on providing visual solutions in motion for the Entertainment Industry.Tresalcubo specializes in CG Animation and Visual Effects for Commercials, Film and TV, Advertising and Marketing, […] [Read more]

Troika and FOX Sports Net Brand “FSN Final Score”

Troika continues its momentum in the sports branding arena by creating the identity for FOX Sports Net’s (FSN) new series, FSN Final Score, which debuted in early July (check the montage here). Troika was tapped to create a signature look that injected energy, sophistication and visual interest into the graphic-intensive and fast-paced program, which provides […] [Read more]


I’m not usually one to gush (unless I’m wasted, which is less than you’re thinking) but gush I shall over the poster and print work of Seripop from Montreal. The tiny studio is concocting a bunch of influences (say, Polish posters from the mid 20th century and late 60’s psychedelia, for starters) into a refreshingly […] [Read more]

Chico Jofilsan

The new reel from yet another muito-talented Brazilian motion designer. Chico Jofilsan used to work for NAKD in Rio de Janeiro but has relocated to São Paulo to do freelance work for what he calls "Brazilian publicity and some remote jobs". Check out his pitch and styleframe work here. [Read more]

Brand New Brand New School

Motion-graphics powerhouse Brand New School opens the doors on an eagerly-anticipated new website. Gone are the historical archives of almost every spot they’ve ever done, replaced by a selection of recent offerings, including many recent live-action spots. The mograph scene will miss the history, I’m sure, but at least now there’s an update with new […] [Read more]


Earlier this summer director Juan Delcan of Nola Pictures shot and animated this interview with Joan Kaner who was being honored at the CFDA Fashion Awards in NY. Delcan elevates marginally interesting fashion shop-talk into engaging fashion history by shooting the interview on video then animating over the footage in a loose rotoscope technique adding […] [Read more]