Vinyl Love

The industry’s leading design and motion graphics studios will soon unveil their custom vinyl creations at Graphic Contents, a gallery exhibition and custom Qee show.  The exhibit will feature the work of thirty-three top companies including, Shilo, Brand New School, Logan, CA Square, Motion Theory, Click 3X, MK12,  and Exopolis, among others. Each will have […] [Read more]


Just returned from the Ottawa International Film Festival and one of the projects that has been stuck in my head is "A Good Joke" from Nick Fox-Gieg. Everything seems to come together so perfectly in this little wonder from the New Media Competition; the simple animation style, the monotone voice-over narration, and the killer punchline. […] [Read more]


"Mr. Citymen", a series of five films (including the standout Gumby-esque clip "Mr. Fortune"), was Eric Lerner‘s final project after four years of study at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Lerner says the inspiration came from a book he grew up with called "Mr. tickle" and took him four months from […] [Read more]


To give the impending launch of "Need for Speed: Carbon" some hip factor, EA supplied six motion graphic/VJ artists with raw game assets – including 3D models, story based CG, live action sequences and interface graphical art – and got them to hammer out media remixes of the game. The standout has to be this […] [Read more]

Psyop for Shell

Psyop combines the action of a Mad Max film with the shading and elements of a graphic novel. A thrilling music score and even title moments give this a very cinematic feel. I really like the character design of the “villains” too. Watch the spot at [Read more]

Sway Studio for Hyundai

My first post, please forgive any mistakes… This is a fun spot, nice editing, good sound design/music as well. Sway studio always continues to impress me. Sway Studio animates the performance of a professionally choreographed live dance team with 362 CG robots in a Hyundai spot directed by John Allardice. “In this case, we decided […] [Read more]

Tim Burton jumps the Killers’ “Bones”

MTV News reports Mr. Burton will direct his first MV for the Killers’ tune "Bones" from their second album Sam’s Town. Stop motion and CG animation is underway in London. Catch the Full story here including really informative quotes from the band like "It’s going to have computer graphics and models … We’re not really […] [Read more]


Logan‘s life-long roll continues with two new twisted-logic Jetta spots – "Timbales" *** updated with director’s cut *** and "Kung Fu" –  for Miami’s Hispanic marketing and advertising agency CreativeOndemanD. Logan also did the print, an example of which you can see here.   [Read more]