Flea Circus Animates the “Impossible” for Toyota Prius

Nice and classy, just the way I like it. Read more about it in the PR FEED. …but if you’re in a rush here’s a quick excerpt: "The spot showcases Robertson’s unique style, which marries the classic look of hand-drawn cel cartoons with other 2D and 3D animation elements. For “Impossible,” Robertson melded live-action still […] [Read more]


Guilty pleasure for a Monday morning: a billion-bikini-babe-stampede artfully augmented by The Mill for Fredrik Bond through MJZ and Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Check the PR FEED for more details. Watch the spot (one viewing per customer please). [Read more]


The Titanium Lion was introduced at the Cannes ad fest in 2003 to celebrate what the ad world believes to be the industry’s really big ideas. Earlier this week 2006 Titanium jury president David Lubars, chairman and CCO of BBDO North America said, In order to win this award, the idea has to be big […] [Read more]

Otafuku Rex VS Gorillaz

Gorillaz have some virtual-toon-band competition. According to soundmojo.com Otafuku Rex started in the cranium of Brian LeBarton, aka Beck’s keyboard player and this stopmotion/live-action clip for their first single “Do Me, I’m The Best” was produced by the company responsible for the video mash-up tool Xipster. Considering the rumored budget of next-to-zero, it’s a very […] [Read more]


Here’s a little film I like to play to get me through Friday afternoons. It’s a quaint story of peaceful monks and their relationship with some  etiquette-challenged vikings. Directed by Florian Landouzy, Sebastien Ho and Julien Bagnol. Animation by Black Bunny. Music by Ace-Out. [Read more]


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Plaid and Bob

Warp Record’s Plaid and video artist Bob Jaroc will be releasing the dvd+cd GREEDY BABY on June 26th. Comprised of the visuals the duo uses in their live shows, the piece took on a life its their own after premiering at the Waterloo IMAX. Included on the dvd is "the Return of Super Barrio" a co-directed short with […] [Read more]