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    Learning Corp “One Word” by Lightfarm

    A toddler’s peaceful morning nap quickly descends into an action/nightmare of epic proportions in this brand film animated by Lightfarm thru Area 23 for a Learning Corp app designed to assist trauma patients with brain injuries. [Read more]

Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

Went to check out the BUF site as per the "Ladybird Love" post below and couldn’t help noticing this animated commercial for the French version of Orange directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. It is a sweet, loose, 3D interpretation of a child’s drawings and a refreshing compliment to his impressive live action work including Honda "Cog" […] [Read more]


New reel from the one and only Prologue Films! (yes, those are stills from Superman Returns!) [Read more]

Shilo’s Angels on the Air

For those who don’t watch TRL which is probably, ahem… all of us, you probably missed yesterday’s premiere of the new Angels & Airwaves video, "Do It For me Now." The team at Shilo directed the piece continuing their work with the band—they’ve been working on a feature film with them as well and I […] [Read more]


This spot for the Peugeot 207 from director Thierry Poiraud of Paranoid Projects should kill any lingering doubts you have about European TV being a whole lot more interesting than the North American variety. Bang-on vfx by the always-brilliant BUF. [Read more]


MTV wants their young Korean-Americans. So they’ve launched MTV K, a new network aimed specifically at this demo. The fun and eclectic launch package cuts a swath through a long list of style references and comes courtesy of NY’s Freestyle Collective. Full story here. [Read more]

That *smilefaucet flavor

The latest *smilefaucet DVD magazine is set to drop. Each issue of the seasonal mag features a compilation of experimental photography, illustrations, motion graphics, and sound design chasing down a one-word theme – this is the "Flavor" issue. The launch/screening party happens July 21, 7:30pm at Movida NYC. It gets packed so you’ll need to […] [Read more]


The Santa Monica office of Brand New School got a chance to smoosh together their design and animation abilities on this new web film for www.adidas.com/whatsnext (via TBWA Chiat Day/SF) that traces the lineage of computers from 1960’s mainframes to the chip in a new adidas shoe. The animated transformations don’t break much ground but […] [Read more]


You may remeber Damien Ferrié as one of the directors of Overtime, the spectacular black and white student film out of Supinfocom in 2004 that cleaned up at festivals around the world. He is now repped out of Paris by La Pac and recently completed this mellow and enigmatic video for Beautiful Day, the latest […] [Read more]