• Metro Exodus game Opening Titles by Elastic | STASH MAGAZINE

    Metro Exodus Main Titles by Elastic

    “Metro Exodus,” the third installment in 4A Games’ Metro video game series will release in February 2019 and open with this chilling title sequence sculpted by CD Andy Hall and the Elastic crew. [Read more]

Shilo design UPDATE!

New web, new works and new reel [Read more]

City Paradise

City paradise is a short movie by Gaelle Denis. she is an student from Royal College of Art.  This movie tell tomoko´s history, a japanese in London view city paradise  [Read more]


Yes, the track for this British Airways spot was originally penned by John Denver – who died in a plane crash bye the bye – and it does leave a syrupy coating on your teeth but hey, the music and dolphins (by Framestore CFC) are working for me in some kind of kid’s storybook kind […] [Read more]

Clinically Dead

   Chad VanGaalen is a talented musician and animator from Alberta, Canada. In fact VanGaleen is so talented that he hand drew his own suitably weird psychedelic video to match his heartfelt lofi exploration of brain damage. Enjoy Clincally Dead! [Read more]


Check out the reel of Brooklyn’s Gavin Whelan (not to be confused with the famous Irish whistle player of the same name). It’s a compilation of 3D medical animation that makes for surprisingly beautiful viewing. [Read more]


Barcelona’s Vasava studio says this Diesel video (produced for the Spring / Summer 06 collection) was inspired by four different concepts: Blue Panthers, Vandals of Style, Love Cavaliers, Wild Nights. [Read more]


TRI-P is a series of light-hearted PSAs about serious subjects created by directing duo Ludovic Vernhet and Stéphane Rogeon of SL-co. Go here and scroll down to watch the clips.   [Read more]


Two Norwegians and a Japanese guy meet a couple years ago as students at Central St Martins in London, they form an animation collective and call it SSSR then start producing killer mixed-media vids like this latest one for the Irish band BellX1 – an interesting mix of 2D animation and puppeteering gives it a […] [Read more]