Commodore 64 redux

So I loved my Commodore 64 and my 1st-generation Atari intensely. They were great. Until my mom sold them for 50 cents at a yard sale in 1988. And by the way, Pit Fall does not have an ending. There will always be more alligators and more logs to jump over until the end of […] [Read more]


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Design and AI

Breve is a free, open-source software package which makes it easy to build 3D simulations of decentralized systems and artificial life. Users define the behaviors of agents in a 3D world and observe how they interact. What is especially great about this program is that you can write our own  code and it will act […] [Read more]


Starting Saturday, June 17, JWT and try to further blur the line between traditional and viral marketing by offering up TV ads in the hopes readers will want to forward them via email, IM or external links. The week-long campaign will feature eight TV spots including work for Ford, JetBlue, HSBC, Levi’s, The Partnership […] [Read more]


The planet’s most popular motion graphics blogger is going public. Justin Cone, creator of Tween/Motionographer steps away from the keyboard and onto stage at the BDAs in NY next week to talk about the motion graphics industry, blogging and the effect it can have on marketing campaigns and  take questions from the audience. The details: […] [Read more]


"Electronic and organic audio" blog from Steve Marchese – a very plugged in contributor to both RES and Stash. Excellent place to keep up with the underground edge of music and catch some sweet downloads. Image below is from a recent review of Deaf in the Family "Southern Man" Featuring Bavu Blakes.   [Read more]

Ratatouille vs flushed away

In the spirit of their other similiar-themed pairings (Bugs vs Antz and Finding Nemo vs A Shark Tale) Disney and Dreamworks will go at it with rodents in Ratatouille (summer 2007) and Flushed Away (November 2006). For your consideration – a side by side comparison of the latest trailers for both.     [Read more]


Just got home from the Webbys. Very fancy and seamlessly produced event despite the hoard of smug guys in Prada suits sporting those very horizontal glasses that only gallery owners used to wear. Mark Cuban didn’t show (something about the NBA finals blah blah blah) but Prince did and wow if that man doesn’t weigh […] [Read more]