• The Danish Chair by Marius Vaitkevicius | STASH MAGAZINE

    In Praise of Danish Modern

    Inspired by an exhibition of Danish chair design at Designmuseum Danmark in København, Brighton motion designer Marius Vaitkevicius committed the next nine months to further research and crafting these three films. [Read more]


Melbourne studio XYZ has a bunch of cool new work up. This opening for the AIGA 2006 design week uses appropriately trippy visuals (which seem mandatory for design conferences lately) with nicely restrained type.   [Read more]

New City Guide

Shift, the genius Japanese design ezine, has started a  A New City Guide. The idea here is that for each major city, Shift in coordination with designers in that area, will keep you updated to the best of design, fashion, events, etc. Right now there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of contributions (though […] [Read more]

Curious Pictures Animates Scion for Attik

A Scion xA gets an amped-up makeover from an otherworldly visitor in “Mech,” a new commercial directed by Curious Pictures’ Stefan Nadelman for global creative agency ATTIK…More in PR Feed  To view the spot click here   [Read more]


Manhattan’s 1st Ave Machine have been at the robot and biomechanical stuff for a while now but in this newest piece for MTV Japan they seem to relax a bit. The work also broke out as print ads. Read the full story here. [Read more]

Cell Candy

Interesting cell phone content from candyspace. Some good animation from Ariside, Preygroup, Andrew Rae and ringtones by ISAN! Like the European equivalent of Start Soma but with motion. [Read more]

Bi-Manual Operations and Touch Screens – what’s next…flying cars?

Remember those awesome touch screens in Minority Report? Watch their contemporary incarnations here (minus the Tom Cruise).   [Read more]


…from Rob Chiu of the The Ronin created for OFFF 2006.Check it out here in the Motion category.   [Read more]

Oakley’s Separate Volume

Oakley’s first surf film is out and now screening on the East Coast. Be sure to get there early, you don’t want to miss the main title sequence by Shilo. It’s deceptively simple but the more you watch it the more you’ll see just how detailed it is. I don’t know too many designers that […] [Read more]