Test 2


TRI-P is a series of light-hearted PSAs about serious subjects created by directing duo Ludovic Vernhet and Stéphane Rogeon of SL-co. Go here and scroll down to watch the clips.   [Read more]


Two Norwegians and a Japanese guy meet a couple years ago as students at Central St Martins in London, they form an animation collective and call it SSSR then start producing killer mixed-media vids like this latest one for the Irish band BellX1 – an interesting mix of 2D animation and puppeteering gives it a […] [Read more]


The british mark Tango parody the Sony Bravia spot. TANGO SPOT  SONY BRAVIA  [Read more]


Elephants dreams is the first movie make in opensource software by Orange Open Movie Project team from Amsterdam. The opensource 3D software is Blender. This movie was released at 24 march 2006 in Amsterdam, now it’s in Cannes festival. Download elephants dreams [Read more]


Spanish Duo Dvein recently created one of two opening title sequences for the OFFF conference in Barcelona! These guys ROCK! [Read more]


Word on the street, West coast BUCK is set to open a new shiny office in NYC. The New York roster inculdes CD Orion Tait and EP Suzanne Potashnick. Click on the "money buck" for more on BUCK LA. Craving some BUCK eye candy? Click on the freaky beast thing below to see their sweet […] [Read more]


In this promotional clip from Sony Robotics you can hear Qrio, still the most advanced "toy" robot, talk to a group of children in metaphors. Sony produced the clip to show the robot was not only capable of recognizing abstract concepts but expressing varied emotion (even longing) as well. Kind of touches you in a […] [Read more]

Butterfly Ball: Love Is All

Love Is All A clip from The Butterfly Ball, an animated feature that was apparently never completed, but made for a record by Deep Purple’s Roger Glover. This song,”Love is All” has Ronnie James Dio on vocals. Fantastic psychedelic stoner rock… for kids!!! More info here & here [Read more]