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The Sundance Channel chooses to make the cable world a (gasp) more thoughtful and visually experimental place  by commissioning a series of 10 short films based on the work of American poet laureate Billy Collins. The pieces are animated in disparate styles by a wide range of directors but held together by Collins’ trademark laconic […] [Read more]


If you’ve been to the game-noid orgy known as E3 you know it’s a spine-numbing experience that would be embarrassing except you can’t feel anything (including embarrassment) because, well, your spine is numb. Fortunately the event is restricted to industry-types and press so a steady stream of media sprays out of the LA Convention Center […] [Read more]


The refreshing thing about MOVE is what it is NOT.  It is not another wanna-be-cool design conference where a parade of peeps  simply screen their work and yabber about how cool they are or what software they used. The theme for MOVE 3 is UNDER THE INFLUENCE and promises the line up of  directors, designers, […] [Read more]

After Evers

United Bamboo recently launched an awesome tshirt line curated by Animal Collective Producer and UUAR musician Rusty Santos. Called After Evers, the theme of the line is: select musicians, in conjunction with United Bamboo/Santos, design their own artwork for limited run shirts. Pictured is my favorite art by the Swedish psychadelic band Dungen. Other bands […] [Read more]

The Stockholm Syndrome

The Stockholm Syndrome is adaptable. You know it. I know it. You can call it whatever you want it, after wherever you are. It doesn’t diminish the fact that there is a fine line between writing copy for others and being held hostage by terrorists.

To explain…

What is the Stockholm Syndrome?

The Stockholm Syndrome was dubbed for an incident in 1973, where four Swedish hostages held in a bank vault for six days during a robbery became attached to their captors and later went into business together and created a company named Ikea that sold affordable modern furniture. Or maybe I made the last part up in a spec script, either way, according to psychologists, the abused people bond to their abusers as a means to endure the violence at hand.

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Girl Gets Graphic Entry 1

First, let me say I am not a smiley face kind of person. In fact, I have never written a note on paper and added a cute smile anywhere. But somehow I appreciate emoticons – on IM. The ones that are built into the system so that they actually appear as graphic icons, not the […] [Read more]


See, its the comedy thing. Why do Brit broadcasters seem to get it? Can we import it? This fab promo for Nickleodeon from London’s Mainframe should give us all hope.   [Read more]


Saiman Chow cranks up his non-linear Stop Motion weirdness for the final film in the Adidas Adicolor series. Agency: Idealogue Creative Directors Jacqueline Bosnjak and Mark Beukes Executive Producer: Sara Seiferheld Director: Saiman Chow Written by Saiman Chow Production Company: Transistor Studios   [Read more]