• The Danish Chair by Marius Vaitkevicius | STASH MAGAZINE

    In Praise of Danish Modern

    Inspired by an exhibition of Danish chair design at Designmuseum Danmark in København, Brighton motion designer Marius Vaitkevicius committed the next nine months to further research and crafting these three films. [Read more]


  Some greats works and 2006 reel view reel 2006  visit Onesize  [Read more]

Baover Tit

  Not sure what the title of Qubo Gas’s new interactive animation cd/book Baover Tit means but it might have something to do with landscapes, weird creatures, mushrooms, etc. The work itself is a package version of the animation used in the performance of Qubo Gas but made so that the home user can interact […] [Read more]


Music, cinematography and some nicely crafted 3D are all contibuting to the fun of this good idea for Vodafone. Watch the spot. Then read more here.   [Read more]

Rainbows & Vampires New Video

Directing collective Rainbows & Vampires posted another well-crafted video – this time for Black Heart Procession. This one also has the beautiful Shannon Sossamon in it, though … so … You might want to check it out.    [Read more]


Good tune. Nice video.               Production: Hornet Inc. Director: Monkmus Record Label: Pias Producer: Hana Shimizu Cinematographer/Art Director: James Buckley Background Artist: Dave Bell Character Animator: Alexandre Iliach, Maximilian Graenitz, Jason Patterson, Dan Abdo Compositor: James Coulson, Gregor Hofbauer, John Earle Editor: Morgan Turner Co-Production Company: One Small Step [Read more]


Blogger scams his way past heavy security and into fancy-ass opening night party at new Mac store in NYC to rub shoulders with Mr. Jobs and get one degree closer to Kevin Bacon. Okay, it’s not like tagging Air Force One but at least this is real. And no ponitificating. [Read more]

My Street – WIP

Although I am getting quite bored with organic looking lines growing all over the place – I still like the idea of an encounter with an expanding L-system outside my apartment. Very work in progress. View muffedille. [Read more]