Just how far can the marriage of car commercials and CG go? A rhetorical question that could lead long boring answers, but this spot, directed by Victor Garcia of MJZ with a supporting cast of thousands from Digital Domain, introduces a few new erogenous zones to the relationship. Think how good this spot could be […] [Read more]

Note to self: get the french PS2

TBWA/Paris will no doubt keep up their PS2 award tally with these impossible-to-ignore print pieces from photographers Dimitri Daniloff (body parts), Hans Starck (undie-sniffing) and Yann Robert (head). [Read more]


  If you live in NY or LA you can get a look at DreamWorks’ new animated short First Flight on May 19 with your ticket to Over the Hedge.   In 2004 DreamWorks veterans Cameron Hood and Kyle Jefferson brought a rough version of the film to studio exec’s who loved what they saw.  Since […] [Read more]


Stardust AD Brad Tucker and EP Eileen Doherty co-direct this in-store video for international M.A.C locations through June, and is part of a Culture Bloom CD-ROM release distributed to M.A.C event attendees. Stardust also provided editorial, design, animation and finishing. [Read more]


Psyop launched as a four-person boutique in 2000 and have grown into a 60-strong seismic fun house. Along the way they opened MassMarket to handle VFX work and are about to annouce they have branched out again with BLACKLIST. The new division, EP’d by Adina Sales, will rep hand-picked up and coming creative boutiques from […] [Read more]

superdeux bshit

Limited edition tees for the new Bshit project from Brooklyn’s Superdeux. The six designs were produced by guest designers Skull dezain from Japan, 777Run from France and Grotesk from the USA. A toy is due soon.   [Read more]


The Hasbro marketing dept has some ‘splainin’ to do with this 30 second spot. Possibly funnier still – comments on Amazon. [Read more]