Picasso Pictures Sandrine Gimenez | STASH MAGAZINE

Picasso welcomes Sandrine Gimenez to roster of new directing talent, The Pod

From the release:

Picasso Pictures is excited to announce a new addition to The Pod, young director Sandrine Gimenez.

Born in Marseille, Sandrine grew up watching Japanese cartoons and experimenting with short films. She got into 3D animation and graduated from the prestigious Supinfocom school in 2014. She paints with watercolour and loves to fuse this traditional technique with the technology of CGI.

Sam Hope, Executive Producer at Picasso Pictures on the decision to sign her: “What I loved about Sandrine’s work was her use of negative space. This became clear as she created our animated Christmas greeting, I loved that she broke up the elements and used the screen as a canvas. Right then I knew she had her own unique perspective to offer and a special potential to Direct.”

The Pod was set up a few years ago as a special roster of new directing talent. London-based Sandrine is continuing to build her portfolio with illustrations and animation.