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Platige Alumni Launch Deep Blue Studio in Warsaw

From the release:

Grzegorz Kukuś, long time Head of CG at Platige Image, Monika Paćkowska Animation Department Manager and Marcin Panasiuk, art director, set up a film and animation studio Deep Blue Production. The company is committed to providing the highest quality computer graphics and special effects for the film and game industry. The main scope of activity is the creation of pre-rendered game cinematics and advanced 3D animation for film, television and the broader digital media market.

​„We focus on areas in which we have a plenty of experience, and at the same time we aim to achieve even higher quality than ever before. We see a gap in the Polish computer animation market, where there are no alternatives in high-end, complex 3D graphics. We are ready to fill this gap by providing the highest quality CG for highly demanding clients. Both in the country and in Europe. Continuous artistic and technical development, as well as the individual approach to each project, is one of the main challenges we will cope with, ” says Grzegorz Kukuś, President of the Management Board.

The core of the team are people who worked among others in Platige Image have gained experience in developing projects for both domestic companies (CD Project Red, 11Bit Studios, Allegro) and international giants (Ubisoft, Square Enix, SEGA, Warner Bros.). The studio specializes in 3D computer graphics, with a special focus on the artistic side, as well as lighting, composition and special effects.Some names could be found among creators of The Witcher series cinematics or Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive.

​„In our projects we focus on authenticity, we aim for original approach and consistency in the concept. We are open to variety of design styles. We will be happy to take on even the most extreme artistic tasks. We offer a great deal of conceptual, technical and implementation experience. We want to refine our own, distinct style in a natural way – as a sum of co-workers potential, while also cultivating their individual approach ” – concludes Marcin Panasiuk, Creative Director of the Studio.

At the moment Deep Blue is already at the stage of working on several projects. The results of the studio work will be available at the end of this year, also at that time the will first cinematic will be completed by Deep Blue, details of which the representatives of the studio can not yet disclose.

​„In the management of our studio are supervisors and art directors who understand better than anyone else the problems of the VFX industry nowdays. One of our priorities is providing comfortable conditions for work and creativity of our artists. Thanks to cost optimization and many years of experience in production management, we managed to take good care of our talents while maintaining a reasonable level of operating costs. Many years of experience in diverse projects is one of our enormous assets. Thanks to the skills of our graphic designers, modern infrastructure and the versatility of our supervisors, we are able to undertake projects with a high degree of complexity, not only for the animation but also for film and advertising. ” – says Monika Paćkowska, Head of Production.

Deep Blue is located in Warsaw.