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Best of Stash 2021: Game Films

From classic cartoon comedy by a Pixar veteran to a nine-minute photoreal post-apocalyptic epic, these eight very different films produced for the gaming industry all feature strong character development and exceptional attention to detail. [Watch]

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"Frostpunk 2: Liar" Game Trailer by Marcin Panasiuk and Deep Blue | STASH MAGAZINE

“Frostpunk 2: Liar” Game Trailer by Marcin Panasiuk and Deep Blue

From the team at 3D animation studio Deep Blue in Warsaw, Poland: “This is the Frostpunk 2: Liar title reveal cinematic for the next chapter of the frozen saga, directed by Marcin Panasiuk for 11 bit studios. [Watch]

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Platige Alumni Launch Deep Blue Studio in Warsaw

From the release: Grzegorz Kukuś, long time Head of CG at Platige Image, Monika Paćkowska Animation Department Manager and Marcin Panasiuk, art director, set up a film and animation studio Deep Blue Production. The company is committed to providing the highest quality computer graphics and special effects for the film and game industry. The main […] [Watch]

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