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Psyop Animated TV series “Devil May Care” to Air on SyFy

From the release:

Psyop‘s first animated TV series, “Devil May Care,” has officially been announced: The serialized 10-minute episodic series, developed by Doug Goldstein of Robot Chicken alongside Psyop producer Amanda Miller, is about the Devil and the unlikely friendship he forms with Beans, his millennial social media coordinator in Hell.

The pilot is set to air on SyFy’s new late-night animation block TZGZ in June.

We are incredibly excited to be expanding the scope of our work into scripted television and currently have an active slate of other shows in development as well as animated features. Additionally, we have an animated segment in episode 7 of the upcoming Amazon series “Hunters” which premieres next month.

Psyop is a creative studio with a simple mission: to Persuade, Change and Influence audiences by crafting content that they seek out and share.

Celebrated for nearly two decades of groundbreaking work that has earned Emmys, Lions, Annies, Psyop tells compelling stories, creates engaging characters and builds unique worlds.