Short of the Week Launches Shortverse Platform for Filmmakers and Fans

From the release:

Short film has long been the training ground for the next generation of filmmakers. Most filmmakers like The Daniels (Everything Everywhere All At Once) and Jim Cummings (Thunder Road) find their unique voices while making short films.

It’s where new ideas, new characters, and new techniques from the digital revolution to real-time simulations in Unreal Engine are explored and tested before making it to mainstream movies and shows.

Now, Short of the Week, the premier site for showcasing the world’s best online short films since 2007, is launching a new platform called Shortverse to bring together the top filmmakers, industry professionals, and fans of short film in one place.

Shortverse aims to tear down the traditional barriers that outsiders have faced when trying to break into the industry by providing a platform for the next generation of filmmakers to reach audiences and opportunities.

Shortverse offers filmmakers the tools they need to find audiences, host a film page, manage screenings, connect with professionals, and find collaborators. It offers industry professionals the best way to find trending films and connect with emerging filmmakers.

Shortverse is free and open to everyone to explore the universe of short films. Become a member to host a film page and connect with others for $9/month.

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