Passion Pictures Melbourne is thrilled to announce the addition of Simon Robson

Simon Robson Joins the Roster at Passion Pictures Melbourne

From the release:

Passion Pictures Melbourne is thrilled to announce the addition of Simon Robson to their roster of talent.

A BAFTA-nominated, multi-award-winning director, Simon is known for successfully running the gamut of media in his commercial work, traversing live-action, animation and CG (and all the various combinations and permutations in between) with a knack for storytelling and a focus on characters and performance.

The partnership is off to a flying start, with spots for the Victorian Government (via Fenton Stephens) and Australia Post (via The Monkeys) going to air in the past fortnight. Keen to maintain the momentum, Robson has a clear vision of where he’d like to head next: “I am excited by the opportunity for fun and irreverence in a job; I like to push storytelling beyond the literal. I love bringing my vision to a script, and then taking things further,” he says.

“Animation is a great tool for surreal story-telling, but more and more these days I find myself blending live-action, animation, CG: whatever is appropriate to bring the story to life. I’m fortunate to have recently worked with some awesome clients and collaborators who have believed in my vision and have been willing to follow me down the rabbit hole.”

“I’ve felt at home at Passion from the get-go. They really get my approach to film-making and their commitment to the highest standard of production values has always blown me away. I can’t wait for our next adventure together.”

“Simon’s knack for shifting from discipline to discipline and seamlessly blending them in any combination, always with an unfaltering eye on great performances really strengthens our local offering,” says Graham Pryor, Passion Pictures EP. “He’s a great complement to our existing team and we’re looking forward to some fantastic creative collaborations ahead.”