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Strange Beast Signs Director/Illustrator Sacha Beeley

From the release:

Animation Director and illustrator Sacha Beeley has joined Strange Beast. Sacha is the first graduate of Strange Beast and Passion’s talent development program, the Greenhouse. Creating shorts for Netflix, Trolli, and most recently a music video for Babeheaven, her work features a bold, quasi-psychedelic color palette and has a playful approach to character.

With humor, skillful comic timing as well as a knack for anthropomorphic breakfast food, Sacha’s MA graduate film, ‘Big Toast’, received industry-wide praise. Her vibrant, tongue-in-cheek style is unmistakable in all of her work.

Kitty Turley, Executive Producer at Strange Beast says “I am so excited to have Sacha join our roster. She is a genius of left-field comedy, not just in terms of narrative and timing, but also within her approach to design and animation itself. There’s an amazing amount of subtlety within her wildly creative worlds which builds layers of playfulness into everything she creates. It’s already been a joy working with Sacha and seeing her development as an artist, I can’t wait for more!”