Sacha Beeley Strange Beast Venus Princess Nokia Its Time to Care | STASH MAGAZINE

Sacha Beeley Stages a Second Pube Musical for Venus

Working to a track by rapper/songwriter Princess Nokia, Strange Beast director Sacha Beeley stages the sequel to her 2021 adland hit “The Pube Song” in the ongoing quest to make the world more comfortable with the hair down there. [Watch]

Venus "The Pube Song" Spot by Sacha Beeley and Strange Beast | STASH MAGAZINE

Venus “The Pube Song” Spot by Sacha Beeley and Strange Beast

Powered by a show tune (sung by pubes about pubes), this jaunty social media clip by freshly signed Strange Beast director Sacha Beeley is out to change the way the world feels about female pubic grooming. [Watch]

Strange Beast Signs Director Sacha Beeley | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast Signs Director/Illustrator Sacha Beeley

From the release: Animation Director and illustrator Sacha Beeley has joined Strange Beast. Sacha is the first graduate of Strange Beast and Passion’s talent development program, the Greenhouse. [Watch]

Passion Animation launches the Greenhouse for new talent | STASH MAGAZINE

Passion Animation Grows Talent in the Greenhouse

Passion Animation Studios and its sister studio Strange Beast have launched a new talent development program called the Greenhouse. [Watch]

Strange Beast VOW commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast VOW “To End Child Marriage”

A string of diverse and upbeat animation clips from Strange Beast directors and collaborators help get the word out about VOW and the charity’s quest to end child marriage. [Watch]