Ivelle Jargalyn Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Welcomes Executive Producer Ivelle Jargalyn

From the release:

Ivelle Jargalyn is a seasoned interactive producer with an extensive global background centered around making the impossible possible. She has trail blazed a unique career path over the last 17 years working with world-class production teams and clients in London, Berlin, and Vienna focusing on delivering innovative solutions for business challenges.

Her flair for interactive production has afforded her with exciting opportunities to work with clients like Google, Facebook, Here Maps, Disney, YouTube and Philips to mention a few and to work with internationally known and respected designers and developers alike.

As Ivelle joins Tendril as our Executive Producer, she’ll be partnering directly with clients to strategically uncover their unique business needs and to solve these business problems using technology and Tendril’s design vision in new and unexpected ways.