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VFX Supervisor João Sita joins Framestore Montreal

From the release:

Framestore is pleased to announce the appointment of VFX Supervisor João Sita to its Montreal studio.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, João’s experience covers everything from award-winning feature films to binge-worthy TV, making him a perfect fit for Framestore’s varied client base and diverse range of visually-distinct projects.

A VFX autodidact, João began his career in advertising before making his big-screen debut with Zack Snyder’s breathtaking 300. Since then, João has lent his expertise to blockbusters like James Cameron’s Avatar, Jurassic World (which earned him a VES nomination) and Assassin’s Creed. Most recently, his work for Netflix series Lost in Space saw him nominated for both a VES Award and a Primetime Emmy.

“João is an outstanding artist with a formidable work ethic, and we’re delighted to have him join our growing team,” said Chloë Grysole, Managing Director of Framestore’s Montreal studio. “Whether he’s working for cinema or TV João’s work possesses a unique sense of style and intricacy, and it’s going to be great seeing what he brings to Framestore’s unique creative culture.”

João Sita adds: “With Oscar, Annie, BAFTA and VES nominations pending I’ve arrived at a really exciting time for Framestore. It’s going to be a blast working with the people who’ve helped bring so many mind-blowing projects to life, and I’m looking forward to playing my own part in the company’s exciting story.”