Alkemy X Celebrates 40th anniversary with Deep Fake Fun

From the release:

To mark 40 years since the company was founded, Alkemy X is celebrating its milestone anniversary by temporarily rebranding back to a 1981 version of itself in a playful re-imagining of its launch. The campaign includes a temporary throwback to the 1980s logo, a website reskin, a host of social posts and as a campaign centerpiece, a 3-minute anthem film.

The anthem spot is a recently ‘discovered’ sales reel from its launch, featuring all of the company’s ‘cutting edge’ work on some hilarious (fictional) 80s films, TV shows, and commercials. To top it all off, the film is hosted by the company’s largest investor, an iconic actress, and 80s soap opera royalty.

While the Alkemy X team lovingly pokes fun at dated visual effects, its 1981 era starlet was painstakingly recreated using the very latest deep fake AI technology.

Notes Alkemy X President and CEO Justin Wineburgh, “Coming out of the upheaval caused by Covid, the anniversary gave us all something fun to pull together around and create something as a company purely for the love of doing what we do.”

Alkemy X executive creative director Rupert Cresswell adds, “While the anthem film allowed our artists to run riot, playfully paying homage to techniques used in the early 80s, it also showcases the dynamic collaboration between the different divisions within Alkemy X and the innovation of our VFX team through the use of the latest AI technology to create our deep fake.”

What started in April 1981 as a scrappy production and post house run out of a garage in the suburbs of Philadelphia has evolved to become a global, award-winning dynamic leader in entertainment, advertising, and marketing, with hands in top Emmy-nominated and Emmy-winning titles such as “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” as well as delivering industry-leading work for global brands.

As Alkemy X celebrates its 40th anniversary, its team is spread across studios in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Amsterdam, and continues to expand with a presence now in two new key markets: Singapore and Toronto.
Production: Alkemy X
Writer/Director: Rupert Cresswell
Editor: Dave Bradley
Original Music: Dave Bradley
Visual Effects: Chris Ume
Post Producer: Sue Fallon
Live-Action EP: Nick Pitcavage
DP: Drew Saracco
Gaffer: James Powers
Actor: Francesca Anderson
Voice Talent: Sheila Williams
Hair & Make Up: Kat Sterrett
Sound: Bob Schacter, Mike Taylor
Color: Janet Falcon
Designers: Dave Bradley, Chris Pace, Christine Lim, Goodsy, Greg Wilson
Assistant Editors: Ricky Heidelbaugh, David Molina Cavazos, Michael Byrne