Buda tv 8th Anniversary Anatomical Intelligence | STASH MAGAZINE

Buda.tv Marks Studio Anniversary With a Celebration of AI (Anatomical Intelligence)

Launched in 2016 by animator/CDs Martin Dasnoy and Dalmiro Buigues, Buenos Aires studio Buda.tv celebrates eight years with an anthem film stating the creative importance of anatomical intelligence in the age of artificial intelligence. [Watch]

Gabriele Montinaro Finally Finishes his First Personal Project

Gabriele Montinaro, a freelance motion designer based in Italy, bares his heart and understandably tortured soul in this exuberant motion exercise (and even more energetic process reel) about a problem many creatives identify with. [Watch]

NORA Studio Launch Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Just Monkeying Around: NORA Studio Launch Film

CDs Bianca Sangalli Moretti and Gianluca Patti, who met at art school in Italy, just dropped us the launch film for their Florence-based animation/illustration studio NORA, an energized flurry of design styles designed to showcase their “desire for discovery”. [Watch]

Polyester Launches Weekend Characters Retail Shop with Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Polyester Launches Weekend Characters Retail Shop With Short Film

To mark the opening of its retail shop Weekend Characters, Toronto animation studio Polyester produced this wonderfully whimsical short film mixing characters featured on merchandise in the store with live-action. [Watch]

Drasik Studio Bend Reality Brotherhood | STASH MAGAZINE

Drasik Studio Return to “Bend Reality” and Find Brotherhood

With the third chapter in their Bend Reality short film series, the crew at Barcelona’s Drasik Studio deploy anime and glitchy underground animation styles for an action/fantasy look at the concept of brotherhood. [Watch]

Never Sit Still Exquisite Corpse short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Never Sit Still Celebrate New Studio by Resurrecting the Exquisite Corpse

From the team at Sydney motion/animation studio Never Sit Still: “Inspired by the recent move to our new studio, we made our very own animated exquisite corpse to celebrate the momentous occasion.” [Watch]