PlusOne Manifesto | STASH MAGAZINE

PlusOne Celebrates 10 Years of Motion with Animated Manifesto

Marcel Vrieswijk at PlusOne in Amsterdam: “The anniversary is a milestone marking ten years of hard work, creative high points, and great memories. And the perfect moment to get the company’s core values and aspirations down on paper. [Read more]

Deli Coronanimation | STASH MAGAZINE

The DELI “Coronanimation”

From DELI Creative Collective in Hamburg: “The lockdown on filming has hit the advertising industry really hard and, for us in film postproduction, we now know the situation all too well from the resulting ‘non-projects’ and postponed projects. [Read more]

Kookie Christmas film by Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE

Gotta Wonder what’s in Laundry’s Christmas Kookies

Executive creative director PJ Richardson at Laundry in LA: “In the theme of the holiday spirit, our team of artists made this cookie gone wild themed animation to celebrate joy and creativity. [Read more]

Ritzy Animation RED holiday film | STASH MAGAZINE

Rudolph Sees “Red” in Ritzy Animation’s Holiday Film

The first in-house film from Ritzy Animation in London is a rampaging holiday tale of Rudolph’s Rocky-style comeback that required two years of toil, sweat, and reindeer grooming in between the studio’s commercial work. [Read more]

SHED - Holidays 2019/2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Happy (and Stylin’) Holiday Wishes from SHED

Executive creative director Gabriel Grenier at SHED in Montreal: “We wanted to challenge ourselves by creating a modern, design piece of work which would also be warm and cheerful. [Read more]


BLOCK & TACKLE Releases “Open Eyes” Card Deck with Artist Stefanie Augustine

Continuing their annual tradition, creative studio BLOCK & TACKLE (B&T) Partners and Creative Directors Adam Gault and Ted Kotsaftis have once again collaborated with accomplished artist Stefanie Augustine to craft a beautiful “family and friends” holiday gift. This year, however, for the very first time, these gifts are available to the public. [Read more]