Univision New Promised Land

Animating “The New Promised Land” Interactive Documentary

Three stirring motion collages created by Spanish sound technician-turned illustrator/animator Joseba Elorza (aka MiraRuido) for Ramón Campos Iriarte’s interactive documentary “The New Promised Land” about five young Syrian refugees and their quest to start new lives far from the unbearable conditions of their homeland.

Experience the interactive documentary here.

A Univision Documentaries project
Director and producer: Ramón Campos Iriarte
Associate producer: Máximo Anderson
Texts and research: Ramón Campos Iriarte, Máximo Anderson, Gabriel Leigh
Photography and Video: Mauricio Morales Duarte y Ramón Campos Iriarte
Postproduction Coordinator: José Cuesta
Video Editing: José Cuesta, Nicole Franzen, Virginia Urreiztieta
Copy Editor: Gabriel Leigh
Animations: Joseba Elorza
Music: Alejandro Reyes
Additional footage: Fish InWater Films
Infographics: Amaya Verde
Art Direction: Oscar Lozada
Digital design: Zamir Bermeo
QA: German Merino
FrontEnd Development: Cristhian Mora, David Lozada & Adriana Bermudez
Backend Development: Nivelics
Digital Producer: Andrés Barajas
Digital Product Direction: Sofía Buendía
Creative Digital Direction: Sandra Merino