COSMOS LAC Our Cosmos Brand Film Mellow Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Mellow Studio Helps COSMOS LAC Celebrate Carbon Neutrality With “Our Cosmos” Brand Film

From the team at Mellow Studio in Greece: “The brief was to make an advert celebrating Greek spray paint brand COSMOS LAC’s carbon-neutral certification. The aim was to promote the company’s desire to offset its carbon emissions by shifting its focus to renewable energy and renewable materials. [Watch]

Nike Invincible 3 MediaWork | STASH MAGAZINE

Media.Work Blows Up “Invincible 3” Product Film for Nike

CD Igor Sordokhonov at Media.Work: “Launching the new and revolutionary Invincible 3 running shoes, Nike asked us to imagine ways to describe the model’s innovative cushioning.” [Watch]

Nearpod The Outsiders Educational Film We Are Batch | STASH MAGAZINE

Nearpod “The Outsiders” Educational Film by We Are Batch (Director’s Cut)

From We Are Batch in Cape Town, South Africa: “We were approached by the student engagement platform Nearpod to create an educational film of the 1963 novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. The challenge? Teenagers studying the book in classrooms today have to find it relatable. [Watch]

Dobro Illuminates Tatarstan Documentary with Sculpted CG Segments

From the design and CG team at Dobro in Dubai, UAE: “We created a series of graphic episodes for the documentary film Tatarstan. Along the Roads of Discovery, setting ourselves the task of not just illustrating the story, but doing it artistically, in an extraordinary and interesting way. [Watch]

AMD Together We Advance Scholar | STASH MAGAZINE

Scholar Visualizes the AMD Experience in “Together We Advance” Spot

Merging CG and motion graphics with on-set projections and live-action, Scholar director Chris Finn looks to capture the exhilaration and emotional engagement promised by AMD’s RyzenTM CPU technology. [Watch]

Ordinary Folk Twilio Customer Engagement Platform | STASH MAGAZINE

Ordinary Folk Elevates Customer Engagement for Twilio in New Explainer

From the team at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) helps companies turn transactions into personal conversations – meaning they can provide customers with what they need, and build relationships that last lifetimes. [Watch]