Chris Noellert | STASH MAGAZINE


From the release:

Los Angeles-based innovation studio ArsenalCreative has added more creative firepower to its roster with the addition of Chris Noellert as Head of 2D.

Noellert brings over 20 years’ worth of VFX, Flame and post-production experience to ArsenalCreative, a studio that appealed to him in a variety of ways. “From the outset, I was looking for an established boutique-style shop positioned to expand into the latest media trends and technologies” he explains. “I also knew I was looking for a shop that fosters open relations with clientele – allowing me to take a collaborative leading role in the creative process, not being the guy in the Flame suite in the corner at a two-man shop, or a cog in a wheel of hundreds.”

It’s this enterprising, enlightening mindset that has propelled Noellert’s two-decade career, during which time he’s led Flame and served as VFX Supervisor at notable shops including Chimney, Syndicate, Mirada Studios. Most recently, he spent nearly four years at Carbon VFX, where he held the title of Creative Director/Lead Flame.

Now at ArsenalCreative, the newly minted Head of 2D has hit the ground running, bringing his creative vision to projects including the “Not Just New, Better” campaign for Hyundai, continuing his longtime collaboration with agency partner, Innocean. “I had done a fair amount of work for Innocean at my previous shop, including leading two of their three Hyundai Super Bowl ads, “First Date” and “Ryan Town,” and over the years we really hit a nice stride,” Noellert says.

“It’s fantastic when you have the opportunity to consistently work with creative directors and teams where you have developed a creative shorthand. You can anticipate and fulfill their needs successfully thru the project – from concepting and participating on-set, to sitting in the bay and pulling it all together. So when Innocean called with ‘Not Just New, Better,’ I was super excited to get them introduced to my new cohorts at Arsenal.”

Along with his Hyundai handiwork, Noellert continues making his mark in his new role, adding his VFX imprint to projects including the revamped logo rollout and brand campaign for Principal Financial. “Chris has been a wonderful addition to our brand,” says ArsenalCreative founder, Mark Leiss. “He’s incredibly talented, bringing that special sense of creativity that any managing director covets. I’m looking forward to having Chris on board for many years to come.”

In addition to the Hyundai and Principal Financial campaigns, ArsenalCreative is also unfurling 17 web films for Toyota in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi LA and Superlounge’s Jordan Brady, adding to a creative wellspring from the studio that helped influence Noellert’s decision to join the team. “The creative team at Arsenal has stood behind great work in a positive, artist-driven environment, so when it became apparent that there was a chance to be part of their continued expansion I felt like I had found the perfect home.”