BTS with MPC Paris on Perrier “Balloons”

The new MPC Paris studio takes the lead on this serious VFX effort called “Balloons,” collaborating with Les Télécréateurs’ directors Fleur & Manu and Ogilvy Paris, for Perrier.

MPC Paris VFX super and CD Franck Lambertz: “The work was led from MPC Paris, with support from the 3D team in London, prep work from Bangalore, and stills photography from MPC Mexico – A truly global effort.”

“The opening scene was based on stills of a natural well in Yucatan, Mexico, with CG and animated DMPs bringing the sequence to life. The balloon bursting through the water was one of the most challenging shots for the team to create, requiring a team of Houdini liquid specialists.

“The main shoot took place in Argentina, with actors and extras suspended close to the ground in their baskets. This natural lighting gave the perfect reference to the VFX team for integrating the protagonists with CG elements and shot/DMP backgrounds.

“3D Supervisor Fabian Frank led the team to create 50 variations of CG hot air balloons, and re-build the baskets in 3D. Each balloon has its own unique brand of eccentricity, with the occupants using tricks to speed their balloons along. To help with the individuality, Fabian’s team used a range of cloth simulations, making some of the balloons shinier, thicker or adding a deeper sheen than others.

“The majestic lion and his marmoset and parrot pals were shot in-camera at Argentina zoo, with multiple takes required to get the correct action.”

Agency: Ogilvy Paris
Creative Director: Paul Kreitmann
Agency Producer: Laure Bayle and Aurelie Appert
Creatives: Clara Noguier and Olivier Le Lostec

Directors: Fleur & Manu
Production Company: Les Télécréateurs
Production Company Producer:
DOP: Nicolas Loir

VFX: MPC Paris
VFX Supervisor: Franck Lambertz
3D Supervisor: Fabian Frank
VFX Producer: Quentin Martin
Grade: MPC – Remote Grading
Colourist: Matthieu Toullet

Editor: Thomas Grove carter @ Home DP
Sound Design: GUM