CNN “Life After a Mass Shooting”

From CNN: “In the first animation of our series ‘Life After,’ Patience Carter talks about the grief, guilt and cyber bullying she experienced after surviving the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016.

“This story was close to our hearts, it took our animators dozens of hours to draw frame-by-frame.”

Production: CNN Motion
Supervising producer: Jacque Smith
Lead producer: Madeleine Stix
Executive creative director: Jon Reyes
Art direction: Ignacio Osorio, Padraic Driscoll
Design/animation: Curtis Brown, Justin Weiss
Additional animation: Melody Shih, Max Pepper, Michael Pisano, Jeffrey Hsu, Quinn Qian, Olga Pavlova, Ian Berry, Alex Sears, Agne Jurkenaite, Ana Perez
Sound design: Carla Howe