Cheerios Good Starts commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Cheerios “Good Starts” Spot by Caitlin McCarthy and Parallel Teeth

From Strange Beast in London: “[Director/animators] Parallel Teeth and Caitlin McCarthy collaborate to direct a bright and flowing campaign for Cheerios. The goodness in the cereal goes on a journey being shared by friends and family, starting a chain reaction of happiness and smiles. [Read more]

Thinking Lab Promotional Film by Grabit | STASH MAGAZINE

Thinking Lab Promotional Film by South Korean Studio Grabit

Director/team leader Jaewoo Lee at creative agency Grabit in South Korea: “We have gone through numerous planning processes for a brand project called the ‘Thinking Lab’. [Read more]

The Box Assassin short film by Jeremy Schaefer | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Box Assassin” Short Film by Jeremy Schaefer

Director/animator Jeremy Schaefer at the Ringling College of Art and Design: “‘The Box Assassin’ is a short film about a pizza delivery boy’s unforgettable night of running into a slick, legendary assassin that defeats his enemies in clever ways you couldn’t imagine.” [Read more]

Adidas Originals ZX by Builders Club | STASH MAGAZINE

Adidas “Originals ZX” Spot by Builders Club

The all-London team of Builders Club and post house Okay Studio rework the animation/edit pipeline to pull off this ambitious lockdown mix of CG and hand animation for Adidas Originals ZX thru Hong Kong agency Hypebeast. [Read more]

Patrick Dias Missed Connections short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Missed Connections: Was that your limb?” Short Film by Patrick Dias

A wonderfully apocryphal real-life Craigslist Missed Connections ad takes on a loveable new life in this passion project from Toronto director/animator/designer Patrick Dias who mixes 2D and 3D into a modern urban fairy tale. [Read more]

Eli Lilly Planimation short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Space Walking with Yves Geleyn in “Planimation”

In this expansive and poetic branded content film for Eli Lilly, Hornet director Yves Geleyn draws a parallel between the connectedness of the solar system and the importance of medical sequencing in cancer treatment. [Read more]