"Rules of Play" Short Film by Merlin Flügel | STASH MAGAZINE

“Rules of Play” Short Film by Merlin Flugel

Director/animator Merlin Flügel in Frankfurt, Germany: “Rules of Play is all about the phenomenon of playing. The playing field is the center of the ritual activities: role play, gambling, competition, and intoxication. [Read more]

Lenovo Legion Launch Event Film by Audis Huang | STASH MAGAZINE

Lenovo Legion Launch Event Film by Audis Huang

The all-Taiwan team of director/designer Audis Huang and Moonshine Animation hammered away for six weeks on this sleek and sweeping film featured during the launch event for Lenovo’s Legion gaming PCs and laptops. [Read more]

Deekay Kwon "Virtual Game" Short Film Breakdown | STASH MAGAZINE

“Virtual Game” Short Film Breakdown by Deekay Kwon

South Korean director/animator Deekay Kwon reveals the illustration and rigging secrets behind his new looping short film “Virtual Game” – continuing his signature mix of cute characters, snappy animation, and sharp social observation. [Read more]

"Ninja Turtles At Home" Fan Short by See Gee Studio | STASH MAGAZINE | STASH MAGAZINE

“Ninja Turtles At Home” Fan Short by See Gee Studio

Laura Heath and Eddy Herringson at See Gee motion graphics studio in Sydney, Australia: “When a lockdown pushes crime down, what’s a hero in a half shell to do?” [Read more]

Hyundai "Run Forever" Installation Film by Universal Everything | STASH MAGAZINE

Hyundai “Run Forever” Installation Film by Universal Everything

Expanding on their landmark 2014 film Walking City, CD Matt Pyke and Universal Everything installed this witty and hypnotic three-minute work for the opening of Hyundai’s Motorstudio in Busan, South Korea. [Read more]

Head & Shoulders "The Chase" Anime commercial by CRCR | STASH MAGAZINE

Head & Shoulders “The Chase” by CRCR

Psyop/Blacklist directing collective CRCR lathers up a flurry of anime-inspired action/comedy in this new Head & Shoulders spot animated by Wizz in Paris thru agency Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore for the Japanese market. [Read more]