Redefining Dark in a “Chocolate World”

Death and dismemberment don’t rank high on the list of confectionery ad strategies but in the hands of Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo and the animation crew at LOBO, the macabre melts into the ridiculous and that is a welcome thing. [Read more]

PayPal Ubiquity animated campaign | STASH MAGAZINE

“PayPal Ubiquity” by Run, Kick, Shout and Calabash Animation

Nick Hopkins, CD at Chicago animation studio Run, Kick, Shout: “The goal with this campaign was a simple one: let people know just how widely accepted PayPal is. [Read more]

Ethan Barnowsky Cowboy Boy animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Say Howdy to Ethan Barnowsky’s “Cowboy Boy”

Ethan Barnowsky: Cowboy Boy is a 1-minute animated western exploring the tropes and cliches of the genre through minimalist design and animation.” [Read more]

Terrible, Thanks For Asking Animated Podcast Intro Demo | STASH MAGAZINE

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” Intro by Demo Duck

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” animated podcast intro by Demo Duck [Read more]

TATRAN White Lies music video by Shahaf Ram| STASH MAGAZINE

TATRAN “White Lies” Music Video by Shahaf Ram

Tel Aviv director/animator Shahaf Ram focuses a formative childhood experience on the tennis court into a dream-like video for Isreali trio TATRAN, mixing references from Disney and Banksy to the KKK and a gender-fluid Hitler along the way. [Read more]

Strange Beast VOW commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast VOW “To End Child Marriage”

A string of diverse and upbeat animation clips from Strange Beast directors and collaborators help get the word out about VOW and the charity’s quest to end child marriage. [Read more]