"Pluma in Quarantine" Short Film by Ruben F Stremiz | STASH MAGAZINE

“Pluma in Quarantine” Short Film by Ruben F Stremiz

Director/animator Ruben F Stremiz in Buenos Aires: “This project was born in quarantine, to be grateful to the medical staff for their effort during the covid pandemic. Later we transformed it into a short movie that shows us different attitudes during life in quarantine.” [Read more]

Aldi "Hunger Monster" by Lisa Stickley | STASH MAGAZINE

Aldi “Hunger Monster” by Lisa Stickley

London designer/artist/illustrator Lisa Stickley personifies the growing problem of food poverty and the ruinous toll hunger takes on one in five children in the UK for an initiative by supermarket chain Aldi. [Read more]

David Zinn's Street Art Comes to Life in "Around the Block" | STASH MAGAZINE

David Zinn’s Street Art Comes to Life in “Around the Block”

Edinburgh filmmaker Jonnie Lewis and Ann Arbor, Michigan street artist David Zinn explore the nature of creativity in the mini-doc “Around the Block” with Scottish animation studio The 2D Workshop adding a lovely layer of whimsy. [Read more]

"It’s Still Being Written" Animated Poem by Melanie Gohin | STASH MAGAZINE

“It’s Still Being Written” Animated Poem by Melanie Gohin

Director/animator Mélanie Gohin in Savoie, France: “This video is an animated poem, written by Kadeem Roper. The poem was written as a lovely gift – he is a copywriter [at Leo Burnett in Chicago], she is an artist. [Read more]

Insmed "Unbreakable" by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Insmed “Unbreakable” by ROOF Studio

The team at ROOF Studio in New York engage their talents for hyper-detailed worlds and characters to elevate this film designed to raise awareness of NTM Lung Disease for biopharmaceutical brand Insmed thru agency AREA 23. [Read more]

Art&Graft release "We Are OFK" for The Game Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Unleash “We Are OFK” at The Game Awards

Art&Graft in London: “[We were] approached to direct and animate the first live performance from ‘We Are OFK’, a new interactive series and music project that launched at the opening of The Game Awards show in New York. [Read more]