Stash 131 animation motion design VFX | STASH MAGAZINE

Two Hours of Wow in Two Minutes: Preview Stash 131

Brace yourself for a mad rush of inspiration and insight as Stash 131 drops two fresh hours of motion design, animation, and VFX plus behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews. [Read more]

One Small Step animated short film by Taiko Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

“One Small Step” by Taiko Studios (Full Film)

Prepare to have your heart stolen by Luna, the Chinese-American girl whose dreams of becoming an astronaut power the multi-award winning animated short “One Small Step.” [Read more]

Ford Truck "Gears" animated film by Zombie Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Zombie Turns “Gears” and Tears for Ford Trucks

Can Ford connect to truck drivers with an emotional animated film? It sounds counter-intuitive but agency GTB Brazil and São Paulo’s Zombie Studio give it a heartfelt try with this massive CG project. [Read more]

FJER animated series pilot Jeanette Nørgaard | STASH MAGAZINE

“FJER” Pilot by Jeanette Nørgaard

Danish animation boutique Sønc (run by director Jeanette Nørgaard and producer Lorène Lescanne) twist together inspiration from Nordic art and anime into this mystery-filled animated pilot for a web series called “FJER.” [Read more]

Cartoon Network “Stop Bullying, Speak Up” Series

Kids’ real-life stories power this trio of upbeat spots offering relatable and practical solutions to common bullying situations. Created by the very busy crew at Giant Ant for Cartoon Network. [Read more]

NPR How Physics And Design Make Some Bullets More Destructive Than Others Alessandro Novelli | STASH MAGAZINE

How Physics and Design Make Some Bullets More Destructive than Others

NPR animation: How Physics And Design Make Some Bullets More Destructive Than Others for Lets Talk. [Read more]