Gobelins Try Hard animated Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Art and Friendship Collide in Gobelins Short Film “Try Hard”

Try Hard, the first animated short film from the 2023 graduating class of Gobelins Paris premiered this morning with a passionate and ultimately emotional examination of what we are willing to sacrifice for ambition. [Watch]

BUCK Makes it More Super for Australian Retirement Trust | STASH MAGAZINE

BUCK Makes it “More Super” for Australian Retirement Trust

Advertising for retirement financial services is most often a bland mix of silver hair and generic smiles but the design and animation crew at BUCK take a decidedly different tack in this playful spot for Australian Retirement Trust. [Watch]

Gabriele Calvi and Reframe Studio Keep it Fresh for SilverCare

In what may be the most fun dental care animation of all time, motion designer Gabriele Calvi and Milan’s Reframe Studio create a branded music video for Italian toothbrush/toothpaste brand SilverCare. [Watch]

BUCK and Silver Sprocket Tease “Fungirl” Graphic Novel Adaptation

From the team at BUCK: “BUCK and [indie publisher] Silver Sprocket have entered a development deal to bring Elizabeth Pich’s hilarious graphic novel Fungirl to life as an animated series.” [Watch]

TheLittleLabs MHSOAC Right Our Story | STASH MAGAZINE

TheLittleLabs Address Bullying in “Right Our Story”

Working with nonprofit marketing agency Media Cause, Los Angeles animation and design studio TheLittleLabs conjure a unique cast of monsters to “imagine a world for a youth-led group of advocates building a world without bullying.” [Watch]

Citizen Tourist Animated Short Film Favo Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Favo Studio Reflects on the Quirks of the “Citizen Tourist”

Director Gustavo Carreiro and the animation crew at Favo Studio in Porto, Portugal, take a whimsical peek at tourists and their foibles in the context of “an industry that is shaping entire cities and cultures in profound ways.” [Watch]