Emma Catnip Bloom AI Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Emma Catnip Blends AI With Art in “Bloom” Short Film

London-based director/music producer Emma Catnip just dropped her latest motion experiment, a short film/music video called Bloom she describes as part of her “ongoing exploration of how AI can complement human creativity in animation.” [Watch]

Destiny-2-Axis-animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Sava Zivkovic and Axis Studios Drop Four Cinematics for Destiny 2: The Final Shape

In one of the last projects out the door of Glasgow’s Axis Studios before the company’s closure this week, director Sava Zivkovic conjures a series of ambitious and atmospheric CG cinematics for Bungie’s Destiny 2 franchise. [Watch]

Stash 166 cover image | STASH MAGAZINE

Blue Zoo & GOOD Agency Help the RSPB Campaign Because Nature Can’t

A smart mix of humor and urgency from London’s Blue Zoo Animation and GOOD Agency makes an entertaining and effective case for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the UK’s largest nature conservation charity. [Watch]

The Avett Brothers Love of A Girl Music Video Victor Haegelin WIZZ | STASH MAGAZINE

Victor Haegelin and WIZZ Craft a Crazed Charmer for The Avett Brothers’ “Love of A Girl”

WIZZ director Victor Haegelin, whose many stop-motion marvels include the short film Captain 3D (on the cover of Stash 131), continues to innovate with this frantic and intensely detailed music video for American band The Avett Brothers. [Watch]

Peace-Seeking Flamingos Go to War in “CODE ROSE”

École des Nouvelles Images, the 3D animation school in Avignon, France, (whose best student work we track here) just released a fabulous new short film called CODE ROSE, concerning an aircraft carrier and several million defiant Flamingos. [Watch]