Cupra “Seven Seconds” Spot by Erik Morales, Miquel Diaz Pont, and Glassworks

From the team at Glassworks: “The Cupra Seven Seconds campaign, created by agency &Rosàs and production company Primo, is structured around the idea that it only takes seven seconds to form an impression.

“As the fast-paced film smoothly jumps from one scene to another, the spectator is left pumping with adrenaline. This culminates in the last scene, which spotlights the Cupra Formentor e-Hybrid with a bullet-time effect.

“Working together with directors Erik Morales and Miquel Diaz Pont in this electrifying ad has been a beautiful experience. From a moving stone mural to a highly realistic android, the Glassworks team made all the featured technology come alive.”

Client: Cupra

Agency: &Rosàs

Production: Primo
Director: Erik Morales, Miquel Diaz Pont

VFX: Glassworks
On Set Supervisor and Lead 2D Artist: Carlos de la Sotilla
Lead 3D Artist: Javier Verdugo
3D Artist: Abner Marin, Andre Gama, Kiko Navarro, Pol Soler, Marc Garcia, Gerard Foix Segura, Ignacio Santalla, Igor Gouziev
2D Artist: Albert Garcia, Gabriel Garrido, Marti Pujol, George Marmoutas, Jorge Febrero, Aleix Fabregas, Hector Cornelles
Colourist: Moncho Sánchez-Gómez
Producer: Meri Losada
Post-Production Coordinator: Celeste Lozano

Motion Capture: Render Capture