Universal Everything Launches "Infinity" Endless Live Stream | STASH MAGAZINE

Universal Everything Launches Code-Driven Endless Live Stream “Infinity”

CD and founder Matt Pyke at Universal Everything: “Infinity is a never-ending video artwork, an endless parade of unique personalities born from code. Glimpse something new every time you look, for every minute, of every day, forever.” [Read more]

Stash 148 Drops over Two Solid Hours of Inspiration | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 148 Drops over Two Solid Hours of Inspiration

Elevate your creative output with a blast of inspiration from Stash 148, the latest must-see addition to the Stash Permanent Collection, the definitive video archive of brilliant motion design, animation, and VFX projects. [Read more]

Stash 147 Preview Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Time to Recharge: Preview Stash 147

Stay inspired, discover new talent, and grab insights from the creators behind 31 outstanding design, animation, and VFX projects – all in Stash 147, the latest addition to the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

"PATTERN" Short Film by IC-United | STASH MAGAZINE

“PATTERN” Short Film by IC-United

IC-United Studios in Beijing merge digital fashion, mocap dance, and dream-induced environments into a surreal and somewhat disorienting CG short film for Nowness, called PATTERN. [Read more]

"Time’s Down" Short Film by ArtFX Grads | STASH MAGAZINE

“Time’s Down” Short Film by ArtFX Grads

Nominated for a 2021 VES Student Award, Time’s Down by five recent graduates from French digital arts school ArtFX mixes blazing action, snarky dialogue, and seamless execution into a fabulous cyberpunk romp. [Read more]

Kaspersky Lab "Bring on the Future" by Resight | STASH MAGAZINE

Kaspersky Lab “Bring on the Future” with Resight

Abandoning the trust and vigilance messaging usually required in the cybersecurity category, Kaspersky Lab decides to simply dance its way into your heart with an exuberant green bear named Midori Kuma. [Read more]