Troublemakers director Hugo Ramirez | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Hugo Ramirez Joins the TROUBLEMAKERS Roster

From the release:

The TROUBLEMAKERS team is proud to announce the arrival of director Hugo Ramirez.

As a child, Hugo Ramirez discovered his father’s battered reflex camera and was immediately drawn by the power of photography. He started working with collage, drew constantly to finally work on his photography composition.

It’s in a second stage that he discovered the moving image. What a wonderful revelation it was to combine the notion of time, movement and sound with still images. He became a plan worshipper, a handyman, a moving image decorator. He was one of the first graphic designers and illustrators to graduate from ESAG Penninghen in the early 2000’s.

He very quickly became a director of short and experimental films. In 2008, he co-founded the Parisian studio Moustache, dedicated to the development of new animated or filmed concepts. Stop-motion and traditional animation then took an important place in his work. He builds, draws, animates, cuts, often in a logic of handcrafted films, always looking for new ways of expression. Hugo Ramirez is officially a Troublemaker!