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Doug Hindson Handcraft’s “DIS \ CONNECT”

London director/animator/illustrator/maker Doug Hindson created his low-key (and appropriately) handmade grad film while studying illustration and animation at Kingston University, London to tackle the theme of “our increasing reliance on technology and the disconnect that often results.”

Doug Hindson: “All models and sets were made from wood and card by hand, hundreds of individual pieces were designed, cut, sanded, glued and painted. Rather than stop-motion, the film was shot live-action with strings and rods controlling the puppets and everything was captured in-camera. The production process took around 12 weeks from conception to completion.”

Hindson is represented by Beakus in London.

Written, Designed & Directed by Doug Hindson
Voiceover – Tom Hillenbrand
Sound Design – James Green
Additional Model Making – Pedro Foppa
Additional Puppetry – Thea Glad, Matt King, Gus Scott, Sam Stobart & Imogen
Music: Shigeto – Huron River Drive
Thanks To – Martina Bramkamp, Geoff Grandfield, Chris Shepherd, Family &

Kingston University 2014