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Forever Welcomes Builders Club to Collective Launched by FutureDeluxe and Tendril

From the release:

Forever is happy to announce that Builders Club is joining its collective, alongside founding partners FutureDeluxe and Tendril to continue the evolution of the Forever group.

In an era where mergers often lead to the dilution of brand identity and a decline in quality, Forever presents a pioneering model that not only preserves but enhances the distinctiveness of its collective studios. Each studio brings its own unique blend of innovation, style, and methodology, allowing clients to tackle their diverse challenges with an equally diverse set of solutions.

Builders Club, a studio celebrated for its exceptional work in CGI, mixed-media, and live-action, is renowned for its captivating visual storytelling and work with iconic brands such as Apple, Nike, and Balenciaga. The addition of Builders Club to the Forever collective, including the introduction of their film division Zukunft, signifies a bold step forward in expanding the collective’s offerings.

Julien Simshauser & Jonas Hegi, Co-Founders and Directors at Builders Club shared their excitement about the momentous new chapter for the studio: “Builders Club has always been about crafting great work alongside an amazing team. Joining Forever amplifies our journey—building on our strengths, evolving our approach. It’s the natural next chapter.”

“Working within Forever means we can exchange ideas, resources and knowledge, paving the way for future opportunities while remaining committed to our dedication to creativity and innovation. It’s about embracing new challenges and staying true to where we come from.”

Joining Forever is not just about being part of a collective that values diversity and uniqueness; it’s about amplifying the potential of each studio through strategic operational efficiencies and shared investment in R&D, technology and talent to remain at the bleeding edge of design. By integrating into Forever’s ecosystem, studios gain access to a suite of professional back-end services – from tech & IT, to People & Talent, and Finance. This essential professionalization streamlines operations, allowing creative minds to focus more on what they do best: innovate and create.

“Collaborating with the creative powerhouses of Tendril, FutureDeluxe, and Builder’s Club within the Forever network has been an extraordinary journey for Hublot. Each studio brings its own unique blend of innovation, style, and methodology, allowing us to tackle our diverse challenges with an equally diverse set of solutions. It’s truly remarkable to witness how each studio, while working towards the same macro goal, approaches challenges from a distinct angle, preserving their uniqueness. This access to very unique world-class studios has not only enriched our brand but has also reinforced the value of leveraging diverse approaches to problem-solving.” — Yann Lauener, Global Brand Image Director @ Hublot

At the heart of Forever’s philosophy lies a vision contrary to traditional mergers. The common practice of blending distinct entities usually dilutes diversity, reducing the impact of individual ideas. By preserving the individual brands of its studios while enhancing their operational capacity, Forever harnesses the power of each to foster a richer, more diverse collective strength.

By advocating for a model where no brand is diluted, Forever ensures that while its member studios unite in purpose and ambition, each retains its distinctive brand and creative approach. This model has proven effective, providing clients access to a diverse pool of top-tier talent specialized in innovation-led 3D motion, design systems, and live-action without compromising the unique essence that each studio brings to the table.

Each company within the Forever family is dedicated to providing boutique attention and a meticulously crafted creative process, ensuring a unique way of solving problems. Collectively, studios within Forever can come together to provide the best of both worlds: access to its combined expertise, creativity and global reach, without sacrificing quality for scale.

The Forever infrastructure has been designed to ensure that each member thrives on its core strengths, thereby offering clients unparalleled access to the world’s premier creative talents, and to different pathways to solving their very unique problems.

James Callahan, Forever’s CEO and Kate Bate, Forever’s COO expressed their excitement about the new collaboration: “Having admired the work from Builders Club for many years now it’s great to have them as part of the Forever team. Each studio brings a uniqueness and Builders Club have a totally individual style and are true disruptors within the industry.” – James Callahan, Forever CEO

“Diversity is a wellspring of innovation and creativity – when diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas are lacking, there’s a tendency towards repetitive and derivative work, stifling innovation. This partnership expands on Forever’s mission to provide clients with a multitude of innovative approaches and perspectives, fostering an environment where diversity thrives.” – Forever COO, Kate Bate

Forever’s mission remains clear: to amplify the creativity, craft, and innovation of the brands reshaping the world. Forever studios continue to set new standards in the creative industry, proving that collective strength and individual identity can coexist and flourish together.