Air Company Extinction Ends Here brand film by Builders Club | STASH MAGAZINE

Builders Club Accelerates “Extinction Ends Here” Campaign for Air Company

Compelling production work here from Builders Club and London editing studio Avenues for Brooklyn’s Air Company whose reactor converts carbon into carbon-negative products, “turning our most abundant pollutant into a resource for good.” [Watch]

Chanel Gabrielle Perfume Builders Club | STASH MAGAZINE

Builders Club Wraps Gabrielle Perfumes in All Kinds of Elegance for CHANEL

In their latest work for CHANEL, the crew at Builders Club in Brooklyn dial up their macro CG simulation skills to launch the brand’s Gabrielle perfume range, created as an homage to founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. [Watch]

Stash 159 preview image | STASH MAGAZINE
Builders Club Hyundai ReStyle 2023 Couture Collection | STASH MAGAZINE

Builders Club launch Hyundai’s Re:Style 2023 Couture Collection

High fashion meets upcycled car parts in this graceful film from the Builders Club team anchoring the campaign for Hyundai’s Re:Style 2023 couture collaboration with American fashion designer Jeremy Scott. [Watch]

Stash issue 156 preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Builders Club Launch Cloudgo Campaign for On Running

Merging 3D character scans and CG chaos into drone and 360 live-action footage, Builders Club translate a glitchy gaming aesthetic into a world-building exercise for Swiss sportswear brand On Running and their new Cloudgo trainers. [Watch]

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