Durex Get it On | STASH MAGAZINE

Happy Valentines from Durex and Superfad (R.I.P.)

Back in March, 2009 former motion masters Superfad were at the peak of their powers, a rare mix of brains, fun and style seldom seen since. Released in time for Valentines that year, Durex “Get it On” was helmed by CD Rob Rugan and featured proudly on the cover of Stash 54.

Rob Rugan: “Given the content of this project, it led to quite a few surreal discussions during the process. At one point or another, every conference call started to veer dangerously close to locker-room territory, mixed with quite serious debates about which sexual positions to include or not.

“At the same time, the needs and challenges of the job were as great as any other, and at a certain point, you stop thinking about the content and just make the greatest piece of work you can. In this case, that work just happened to involve hot animal love.”

For Fitzgerald+CO
CCO: Eddie Snyder
Chief broadcast officer: Christine Sigety
Associate CD: Jerry Williams Group CD: Fernando Lecca

For Superfad New York
CD: Rob Rugan
AD: Andrew Stubbs Johnston Director of animation/lighting: Mike Wharton
CG animator: Dave Thomlison Modeling: Domel Libid Compositor: Adrian Winter Producer: Mike Tockman
EP: Geraint Owen
Audio: Gramercy Post
Sr sound: Joe Mendelson

XSI, After Effects