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Happy Valentines from Durex and Superfad (R.I.P.)

Back in March, 2009 former motion masters Superfad were at the peak of their powers, a rare mix of brains, fun and style seldom seen since. Released in time for Valentines that year, Durex “Get it On” was helmed by CD Rob Rugan and featured proudly on the cover of Stash 54. [Read more]


Superfad NY Trio Regroup as SCOUT

Former Superfad NY head of production Whitney Green and creative directors Chace Hartman and Brian Drucker regroup as SCOUT, a new division of VFX, design and content company Gravity. [Read more]


Superfad Winds Down

Rumors of the 12-year-old tri-coastal studio’s demise were confirmed this am from sources high inside the company, saying only, “The partners wanted to do different things and couldn’t work out a deal.” The Seattle, New york and Los Angeles studios will all wind down as current jobs are completed.

While it is sad to see a shop of this caliber fade away, it’s also exciting to think what may happen when so much talent, drive and experience scatters to chase new prey.

The Sony film below appeared on the cover of Stash 66 and, I believe is a fitting tribute to the wide-ranging abilities and creative fearlessness that marked Superfad as a motion force to be reckoned with.

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Tucker Takes Over as ECD at Superfad LA

Former Shilo director and CD Brad Tucker packs up his talents and heads to Superfad Los Angeles as executive creative director. [Read more]

Superfad Sweats the Details for “League of Legends”

Director Jason Cook and the Superfad crew help Riot Games add Mac users to the 40 million-strong League of Legends online fan base with 96 seconds of CG obsession.

Jason Cook: “The Riot team supplied us with visual references, key art, schematics, and all kinds of artwork that we used to precisely and accurately define and refine the shapes of all the weapons and other items. We were determined to show the fans the details of the game they love so much, but show it to them in a completely different way than they’re used to.” [Read more]

Conference Calls at STYLE FRAMES: Part 1

Justin Leibow, partner and CD at Superfad in Los Angeles, opened the STYLE FRAMES Conference with style and wit, setting the tone for his presentation “The Carrot and the Stick” with this smile-inducing typographic clip snatched from real life: “The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about pitching for projects is the conference call [so] I sat down and sliced and diced a bunch of recorded client calls, set some type and threw the whole thingy into After Effects.” [Read more]