Heckler and Iris Worldwide: “UNICEF Change for Good”

Sydney-based all-round creative force Heckler shows their mettle for dealing with CG metal in this animated spot for a UNICEF/Qantas initiative called 5 Fund that turns small coins into “the most powerful change in the world.” Agency: Iris Worldwide Sydney. Director: Craig Rasmus @ The Feds. Music: “Blood” by The Middle East.

Client: UNICEF Australia
Agency: Iris Worldwide Sydney

Production: The Feds
Director: Craig Rasmus
Executive Producer: Michael Cook

Post Production: Heckler
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
Executive Creative Director: Garry Jacques
VFX Supervisor: Mick Watson
VFX Producer: Samantha Daley
VFX Coordinator: Tyrone Estephan
Head of Lighting: Bryn Morrow
Lighting: Albert Susantio
Modeling: Sina Rahimpour
Animation: Jialing Zhang
Lead Compositor: Mark Kwanten
Compositor: Tim Parsons
Online: Maxence Peillon

Audio Production & Sound Design: Nylon Studios

Voice Talent: Felix Williamson
Music: “Blood” by The Middle East