Off Hours Explainer by Thiago Steka and Ricardo Drehmer

Co-directors Thiago Steka and Ricardo Drehmer in Brazil: “We teamed up to direct this piece for the launch of OffHours, a super cool product that helps protect your digital privacy at home.

“It was super fun to explore a simpler visual language again, taking a break from the usual overly-comped stuff. And we brought in our longtime friend Germano Heitor Mombach to help us with the animation and making sure the bouncy things got bouncy enough.”

Client: Off Hours
Direction: Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer
Illustration: Thiago Steka
Animation: Ricardo Drehmer, Germano Heitor Mombach, Thiago Steka
3D: Ricardo Drehmer

Sound: Redhorse Studio