Stash issue 143 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 143 Lands with a Bang!

The Stash Permanent Collection continues to expand with STASH 143 adding another 31 outstanding motion projects plus behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews. Check the two-minute preview to see the new inductees. [Read more]

EJI The Truth About Confederate-Named Schools | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Truth About Confederate-Named Schools” Explainer by Francesca Cattaneo

Art director and motion designer Francesca Cattaneo: “It was a real honor to direct this explainer commissioned by the Equal Justice Initiative, and I’m very grateful that such an important organization chose animation to provide learning experiences and an inspiring commitment to equality.” [Read more]

RSA Shorts The Attention Economy by Olga Makarchuk | STASH MAGAZINE

RSA Shorts “The Attention Economy” by Olga Makarchuk

Director/animator Olga Makarchuk in London: “How to keep freedom of attention in the times of digital distraction… The Royal Society of Arts commission, based on a lecture of James Williams.” [Read more]

Thinking Lab Promotional Film by Grabit | STASH MAGAZINE

Thinking Lab Promotional Film by South Korean Studio Grabit

Director/team leader Jaewoo Lee at creative agency Grabit in South Korea: “We have gone through numerous planning processes for a brand project called the ‘Thinking Lab’. [Read more]

The Pure Insider explainer video by Al Boardman | STASH MAGAZINE

Al Boardman’s Minimalist Explainer Video for Pure

Director/designer Al Boardman in Hampshire, England: “I teamed up with US creative agency Farmuse to create this short explainer video [and we] worked hard to create an abstract, yet sophisticated set of designs, illustrations, and animation to help tell the story of the unique approach that Pure insurance delivers.” [Read more]

BBC Ideas Resilience by Kong Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Kong Studio Reinforces the Importance of “Resilience” for BBC Ideas

Co-founders Bill Elliott and Tom Baker at Kong Studio in London: “2020 has been a rough ride for many people around the world. The need to be resilient on both personal and societal levels seems ever more important. [Read more]