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Jungler Adds New Talent to Roster of Animation Directors

From the release:

With a strong commitment to continually offering a diverse range of talents, Jungler are excited to welcome Laurent Clermont, Renaud Lavency, Inès Pagniez, and Anaïs Herd-Smith to the studio.

Renaud Lavency is an illustrator, character designer and animation director. His work is at the intersection of traditional painting, cinema and graphic design. An eclectic fusion of influences that gives rise to artwork that delights, surprises and captivates us.

Specializing in plasticine stop-motion, Inès Pagniez offers creations with a modern and refreshing style. She brings to life characters that are both unique and emotionally resonant, filled with humanity and vibrant colors.

Laurent Clermont is a specialist in animation, live-action and motion capture. His portfolio includes a wide range of cinematic and advertising projects.
He has notably contributed to cinematics and trailers for games such as “Horizon Forbidden West,” “Biomutant,” “Minecraft Legends,” “Zlatan Legends,” “Freefire,” and more.
Talented, experienced, creative, and incredibly friendly, Laurent is a remarkable talent.

Anaïs Herd-Smith is an artist renowned for her boundless imagination, specializing in premium paper-based stop-motion. She is known for the precision and meticulousness she applies to both her research and character creation. Her recent collaborations include esteemed names like Goyard and Roger Vivier.