Jungler-directors | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Adds New Talent to Roster of Animation Directors

From the release: With a strong commitment to continually offering a diverse range of talents, Jungler are excited to welcome Laurent Clermont, Renaud Lavency, Inès Pagniez, and Anaïs Herd-Smith to the studio. [Watch]

Twenty Thousand Hertz

“Welcome to Synth” Explainer by The Furrow and Sanctus

The design and animation crew at The Furrow team with music/sound design studio Sanctus and the Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast to demystify the power and creative possibilities of synthesizers. [Watch]

Scarecrow short dance film Honet Yves Geleyn | STASH MAGAZINE

Scarecrow Discovers New Life as Dancer After Failed Ad Pitch

Yves Geleyn rescues a scarecrow character (designed by fellow Hornet director Renaud Lavency) from the failed pitch graveyard with the addition of expressive choreography by animator Matt Corsillo. [Watch]

Renaud-Lavency_Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Renaud Lavency Signs to the Hornet Director Roster

From the release: Renaud is a Belgian illustrator, character designer, and animation director. His style is an enchanting mix of evocative 2D illustration, bold & unexpected use of color, and cinematic storytelling packed into a succinct & snappy graphic language. [Watch]

R.O x Konoba - 10 PROJECT | STASH MAGAZINE Renaud Lavency Nicolas Grandry | STASH MAGAZINE

“R.O x Konoba: 10 PROJECT” by Nicolas Grandry and Renaud Lavency

This animated video was made for two Belgian artists, known under the stage names R.O and Konoba. [Watch]