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Loyalkaspar Celebrates 20th Anniversary and Grows Leadership Team

From the release:

Loyalkaspar, a company that began as a boutique motion graphics studio in 2003, is celebrating two decades in business. It has evolved into a full-service branding and creative agency, proudly working with iconic brands such as ABC, AMC, AppleTV+, CNN, Comedy Central, Disney, ESPN, Marvel, MTV, Netflix, Paramount, Peacock, STARZ, SYFY, and the Greenwood Rising Black Wall St. History Center.

To mark its anniversary, Loyalkaspar expanded its leadership team by promoting Scott Lakso to the role of Managing Director and welcoming David Edelstein as the new Executive Producer, Business Strategy. Working alongside co-founders David Herbruck and Beat Baudenbacher, Lakso will play a crucial role in overseeing production and nurturing the company culture, while Edelstein will lead business development efforts and collaborate directly with clients to facilitate smooth onboarding and project kick-offs.

“We’re incredibly grateful to all of our partners, employees, clients, families, and friends who have made it possible for us to celebrate our 20th anniversary,” said Herbruck. “It’s also a moment to reflect on our next evolution, and we trust that Scott and David, and the amazing team we have in place, are the right cocktail of talent and good humans to take us there.”

Scott Lakso, one of Loyalkaspar’s earliest employees, has been with the company for 17 years, serving as Executive Producer for the past six years. During his tenure, Scott has spearheaded the launch of major media brands across the world, overseen the graphics production for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and managed the branding initiatives for museums and institutions in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Houston, New York, and most recently for the City of Waco, TX.

“I’m stunned by how quickly time has flown by, but I’m incredibly excited about Loyalkaspar’s trajectory for the next 20 years,” said Lakso. “In my time at the company, I’ve seen it grow from a design boutique primarily creating graphics packages for cable networks to a values-driven creative agency rebranding cities, educational institutions, and international entertainment platforms. I’m thrilled to oversee the company’s strategic growth and continued commitment to creating work with a purpose.”

David Edelstein, most recently heading up business partnerships at Trollbäck+Company, has over two decades of experience in corporate strategy, sales, and production management. He held significant roles as a Managing Director at Mod Op and eyeball, as one of the partners overseeing their merger, and at Click 3X, working on projects like the Super Bowl on CBS. Edelstein also co-founded the broadcast design company [fdg], contributing to projects such as the re-launch of the SYFY channel.

“I’m thrilled to join the team at Loyalkaspar,” said Edelstein. “I’ve been a fan of the work and the team for a long time, and David and I have been talking about working together for years. I’m proud to be part of the leadership team and be able to contribute to each project and help the company as it enters its next phase of growth.”

Baudenbacher concluded: “At the core of what has and continues to sustain us is pretty simple: curiosity. The creative process can often be pretty nebulous, and where you think you’re going is hardly ever where you end up; I think accepting that requires a good dose of humility, an acceptance that you don’t know all the answers, but an obsession with finding out.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have assembled a core group of creative minds who share that obsession, which is really what keeps us going on our journey to connect humans through creative communication.”