Macy’s “Space Station” with VFX by Blacksmith

The first true tear-streamer of the 2018 holiday ad season, Macy’s “Space Station” combines the humanist touch of Epoch Films director Martin De Thurah with cinematic space shots and zero gravity VFX from rising NYC studio Blacksmith.
Macy's Space Station commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Macy's Space Station commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Macy's Space Station commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Agency: BBDO
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer New York: Greg Hahn
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Danilo Boer
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Marcos Kotlhar
SVP, Senior Creative Director: Tom Kraemer
SVP, Senior Creative Director: Peter Alsante
VP, Creative Director: Bianca Guimaraes
Senior Project Manager: Noreen Masih
VP, Group Executive Producer: Dan Blaney
Executive Producer: Katie Porter
Associate Producer: Corie Rosenblatt
SVP, Director of Music: Rani Vaz
Music Producer: Julia Millison

Production: Epoch Films
Director: Martin De Thurah
EP: Melissa Culligan
DP: Chayse Irvin
Line Producer: Michaela Johnson

VFX: Blacksmith
VFX Supervisor / Lead Compositor: Daniel Morris
VFX Supervisor: Iwan Zwarts
VFX/CG Supervisor: Olivier Varteressian, Tuna Unalan
Executive Producer: Charlotte Arnold
VFX Producer: Bindy St. Leger
CG Artist: Tuna Unalan, Michael Marsek, Casey Reuter, Vitaliy Burov
CG FX Artist: Rick Walia
Compositors: Robert Bruce, Tim Reagan, Nick Tanner, Jacob Slutsky, Yebin Ahn
Matte Painter: Sue Jang

Editorial: Work Editorial
Executive Producer: Erica Thompson
Sr Producer: Jamie Lynn Perritt
Producer: Chris Delarenal
Editor: Rich Orrick
Assistant Editor: Theo Mercado

Music: Soundtree Music
Executive Producer: Jay James
Music title: HOME
Composed by Joel Hartman for Soundtree Music
Published by Soundtree Music Publishing
Head of Music Production: Luis Almau
MD/Producer: Jay James

Final Mix: Sonic Union
Mixer: Steve Rosen
Sound Designer: Brian Emrich

One Response to “Macy’s “Space Station” with VFX by Blacksmith”
  1. JonB says:

    5 minutes later the woman, who can’t stop inhaling the Styrofoam beads, dies. Good job kid, you killed her. Let’s hear it for another stupid commercial set to sappy music to make it seem better. Would have made more sense to have had a puppy in the box. Just dumb.