Orange “The Compil des Bleues” Spot Uses VFX to Reveal Gender Bias in Soccer

Carefully curated archival footage combined with consummate Flame work from the team at Prodigious makes the case that women’s soccer is just as exciting as the male brand in this powerful demo of gender bias in sports.

Produced thru agency Marcel for French telecom Orange, the first half of the spot appears to show highlights from the French Mens’ national team before revealing the post-production deep fakes and making viewers reconsider any preconceptions they have about the talents of the French women’s national team.
Orange The Compil des Bleues | STASH MAGAZINE

Orange The Compil des Bleues | STASH MAGAZINE

Orange The Compil des Bleues | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Orange 

Agency: Marcel  
Chief Creative Officer: Gaëtan du Peloux, Youri Guerassimov
CD: Xavier Le Boullenger
Copywriter: Antonin Jacquot
AD: Vincent Teffene
Assistant AD: Sam Salou
Motion Designer: Julien Taillez

Agency: Publicis Conseil
ECD: Fabrice Delacourt

Production: Prodigious
Head of Production: Timothé Rosenberg
Post Production Manager: Franck-Hervé Marc
Post-producer: Jonathan Keita
Lead Flame Artist/VFX Super: Nicolas Vogel
VFX: Sébastien Delecour, Sylysak Taidonekhong, Emilia Redondy, Luc Noehringer, Guillaume Riboulet,
Louis Nicod, François-Xavier Clément, Paul Crézé, Léo Auger, Adrien Vernier, Mathieu Cabaret
Chief Editor: Mickäel Bandela

Archive Research: Les Artisans du Film
Producers: Valéry du Peloux, Sixtine Busetti
Archivists: Rethi Tan, Pouria Hossein-Pour

Sound: Prodigious
Producer: Joël Tessonneau
Engineer: Olivier Vehert