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Ouchhh: AVA V2 Installation in Paris

Istanbul creative new media agency Ouchhh keeps hammering at the edges of art, design, and technology with their newest commissioned work, a striking six-projector installation in Paris called AVA V2 inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller.

“AVA V2 was created by using projection mapping on a hemisphere structure made of semi transparent fabric. We developed our own technology which enabled the mapping to be projected in all 360 degrees. This installation and its structure were designed with assembly/disassembly in mind, thus allowing the installation to be re-performed anywhere in the same conditions.

Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh
Sound Design: Audiofil

2 Responses to “Ouchhh: AVA V2 Installation in Paris”
  1. Vincent says:

    Hello! Where can we see Ava V2 in Paris? Thanks. It’s look incredible

  2. Jahalla says:

    Big Money will always win exposure, where are the real artists, digging in the dirt, I WANT to support them, not these big media corps just raking in dollars…give me the real artists! Crap articles